Journalism Master's Program Faculty and Staff

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Jesse Abdenour

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-7640
Office: 1715 Franklin Bldg, Rm 137
City: Eugene
Research Interests: journalism studies, news quality, news audiences, documentary film, investigative journalism, broadcast journalism, copyright law

Mark Blaine

Professor of Practice
Phone: 541-346-3515
Office: 110B Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Charlie Butler

Phone: 541-346-2008
Office: 235 Allen Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Narrative journalism, sports writing, business journalism

Nicole Dahmen

Snowden Program Co-Coordinator
Phone: 541-346-2588
Office: 311D Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Andrew DeVigal

Director, UO-SOJC's Agora Journalism Center
Endowed Chair in Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement; Professor of Practice
Phone: 503-412-3677
Office: 366E White Stag Building
City: Portland
Research Interests: community-centered journalism, multimedia storytelling

Torsten Kjellstrand

Professor of Practice
Phone: 541-346-8907
Office: 1715 Frankling Blvd., Rm 141
City: Eugene

Peter Laufer

Professor, James N. Wallace Chair of Journalism
Affiliated Departments: European Studies
Phone: 541-346-2109
Office: 203 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Regina Lawrence

Associate Dean, SOJC Portland
Research Director, Agora Journalism Center
Phone: 503-412-3659
Office: 341 White Stag Building
City: Portland
Research Interests: journalism norms and practices, political communication, engaged journalism, civic engagement

Seth Lewis

Professor and Shirley Papé Chair in Emerging Media
Director, Journalism Program
Phone: 541-346-7342
Office: 231 Allen Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: digital journalism, journalism studies, emerging media, algorithms, artificial intelligence, media sociology, media work, social media, communication research

Ed Madison

Associate Professor
Interim Director, Journalism Master's Program
Affiliated Departments: Education Research and Outreach
Phone: 541-346-9140
Office: 324 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Gabriela Martínez

Department Head of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Affiliated Departments: Climate Studies, CLLAS, Latin American Studies
Phone: 541-346-1997
Office: 315 Hendricks Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Areas of Media Studies and Journalism

Dan Miller

Associate Professor
Affiliated Departments: Cinema Studies Program
Phone: 541-346-3747
Office: 309B Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Dan Morrison

Professor of Practice
Phone: 541-346-2793
Office: 322 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Sung Park

Senior Instructor 1
Phone: 541-346-8458
Office: 326 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Wes Pope

Associate Professor
Director, Multimedia Journalism Master’s Program
Phone: 503-412-3759
Office: 366F White Stag Building
City: Portland

Damian Radcliffe

Professor of Practice, Carolyn S. Chambers Professor in Journalism
Affiliated Departments: Middle East and North African Studies, SOJC-Journalism
Phone: 541-346-7643
Office: 201 Allen Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: digital trends, social media, technology, the business of media, evolution of journalism, Middle East tech, media policy

Lori Shontz

Professor of Practice
Phone: 541-346-2347
Office: 328 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Brent Walth

Associate Professor
Co-Director, Catalyst Journalism Project; Co-Director, The Charles Snowden Program for Excellence in Journalism
Phone: 541-346-7642
Office: 234 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Will Yurman

Instructor of Journalism
Interim Director, Journalism Master's Program
Phone: 541-346-3754
Office: 310 Allen Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Documentary, photojournalism, narrative storytelling