Journalism Student Organizations

Here’s a selection of student-run groups and agencies geared toward students in the SOJC journalism major. Joining a student organization is a great way to get professional development, add professional-level work to your portfolio, engage in hands-on learning, and network with leaders in your field. You can find more information on the groups’ websites and social media channels or by contacting faculty advisors.

Association for Women in Sports Media

The Association for Women in Sports Media (AWSM) is a national professional organization that supports and advocates for women in sports writing, editing, broadcast, production, public relations, and media relations. Its goal is to promote and increase diversity in sports media. Our UO student chapter, like the national organization, welcomes members of any gender.

Twitter: @uoawsm
Instagram: @uo_awsm
Faculty Advisor: Lori Shontz (

The Daily Emerald

The Daily Emerald is an award-winning newsroom that publishes a weekly newspaper and, a real-time, 24/7 news website. With a focus on investigative reporting, campus news coverage, and community features, the Daily Emerald staff works hard to keep the university community informed about the day’s happenings and the issues that affect students every day. The newsroom—part of Emerald Media Group, an independent, student-run media business in Eugene—employs about 100 student reporters, editors, designers, photographers, and web developers. To apply, go to the Daily Emerald website.

Facebook: dailyemerald
YouTube: dailyemerald
Twitter: @dailyemerald
Instagram: @dailyemerald


DuckTV is the UO’s premier student-run television network, comprised of more than 100 students. We produce creative entertainment television and cover local news and sports. The students are in charge of editing, filming, writing, acting, directing, producing, advertising, social media, and more. DuckTV is a great place to gain valuable portfolio work while receiving hands-on training in a cooperative environment. Students must audition for entry.

Twitter: @UODuckTV
Instagram: @UODuckTV
Faculty Advisor: Jesse Abdenour (

Emerald Essentials

Emerald Essentials is a lifestyle publishing group run out of the business offices of Emerald Media Group, an independent, student-run media business in Eugene. Essentials staff creates original content, native content, and sponsored content that is published online and in a variety of business-focused special sections.

Twitter: @EMGessentials

Emerald Photo Booth

Emerald Photo Booth is an event photography service run through Emerald Media Group, an independent, student-run media business in Eugene. It shoots photos for Greek houses, student groups, and UO departments. Photographers and students interested in gaining management, entrepreneurial, and business experience should inquire.

Facebook: EMGphotobooth
Twitter: @EMGphotobooth
Instagram: @EMGphotobooth

Emerald Studios

Emerald Studios is Emerald Media Group’s advertising and marketing video production department. Emerald Studios creates promotional videos, mini-docs, and custom video projects for UO departments, student groups, and small local businesses.


Envision Magazine

Envision is a student-run environmental publication. The magazine aims to educate students on environmental issues and inspire them to live more sustainably. Envision publishes several print editions each year as well as online content.

Twitter: @EnvisionUO
Instagram: @envision_uo

Ethos Magazine

Ethos magazine is a nationally recognized, award-winning, independent, student-run publication. Since its inception as Korean Ducks Magazine in 2005, Ethos has worked hard to share a campus cultural spirit with its readership throughout the UO and the Eugene community. The publication joined Emerald Media Group in 2016 and continues to expand its offerings. SOJC students are encouraged to apply for employment.

Twitter: @EthosMag
Instagram: @EthosMag

Flux Magazine

Flux is the SOJC’s award-winning flagship publication. The annual magazine covers a different theme each year and features stories about people and places in the Pacific Northwest. The staff typically includes 25–30 students, who perform such roles as editor, feature writer, designer, photographer, and videographer. Students gain hands-on experience reporting and producing multimedia feature stories in the field and add an award-winning print publication to their portfolio. Students must apply, and if accepted, they must register for J575 Flux Production for 1–5 credits in winter and spring term.

Twitter: @fluxoregon
Instagram: @fluxoregon
Faculty Advisor: Charlie Butler (

IR Futures

IR Futures is a student organization focused on business and financial communications. The group investigates emerging trends in corporate and financial public relations, investor relations, issues management, and public affairs. Members attend monthly meetings, sponsor workshops, and volunteer their time to broaden student understanding of the capital markets and personal finance issues that impact the community. We invite distinguished speakers from the financial sector to campus to facilitate an exchange of ideas and foster professional development among members. IR Futures is one of a small number of student investor relations organizations in the nation.

Twitter: @IRFutures
Instagram: @IRFutures
Faculty Advisor: Kathryn Kuttis (

Journalist/Photographer Exploration Group

The Journalist/Photographer Exploration Group (JPEG) provides the space and transportation for photographers and journalists of all skill levels to practice their craft. Through smaller-scale outings to local photo spots, larger-scale trips to popular vistas, promotion of our photographers via social media, and the creation of an inclusive, creative group environment, JPEG opens up opportunities for anyone interested in photography, journalism, or just exploring what Oregon has to offer.

Facebook: @uojpeg
Twitter: @uojpeg 
Instagram: @uojpeg

KWVA 88.1 FM

The KWVA student-run radio station is a voice for students and a place to gain broadcast, production, and operation experience in a hands-on broadcast facility. Volunteer student and community on-air personalities program their own shows over FM radio and streamed on the internet, including music, sports, news, and talk programming.

Twitter: @kwva
Instagram: @kwva881

National Association of Black Journalists

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) is an organization of journalists, students, and media professionals that provides quality programs and services to, and advocates on behalf of, black journalists worldwide. It is the largest organization of journalists of color in the nation.

Twitter: @uo_nabj
Instagram: @uo_nabj
Faculty Advisor: Troy Elias (

National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association

As the first chapter of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) on the northwest coast, our UO chapter looks to be a voice and conduit for other voices throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest by combining research, practice, and a drive for LGBTQ equality in and outside the media.

Faculty Advisor: Dean Mundy (

National Press Photographers Association

The UO student chapter of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) is dedicated to visual journalism and its advancement, creation, practice, training, editing, and distribution in all news media. The student chapter hosts workshops and events on and off campus focusing on building skills in visual journalism.

Faculty Advisor: Sung Park (

OR Magazine

OR Magazine is an innovative, interactive, student-produced digital magazine designed for the web and mobile devices. The award-winning annual publication features stories about Oregon’s intriguing people and eclectic culture. The staff typically includes 20 students who serve as co-editors, writers, photographers, designers, and videographers. All students gain hands-on experience reporting and producing multimedia feature stories in the field. OR Magazine is offered every spring term and requires instructor consent. Students register for J469 for 4 credits. 

Twitter: @ORMagazine
Instagram: @ormagazinesojc
Faculty Advisor: Ed Madison (

Social Media Club

The Social Media Club is a student-led group that meets biweekly to discuss how modern communicators use social media to achieve a specific goal or solve a problem. We invite guest speakers from agencies and organizations to share and educate students about their work experiences. 

Twitter: @uo_smc
Instagram: @uo_smc
Faculty Advisors: Dave Markowitz ( and Courtney Munther (