Undergraduate Admissions

Want to report on corruption in public institutions? Plan a strategic campaign for a nonprofit? Study the media’s impact on culture? Help organizations reach new audiences? You can learn it all at the SOJC. Start by deciding which of our undergraduate programs is right for you.

Application Deadlines

Are you an incoming first-year or transfer student? Turn in your UO application by the deadline for the term you want to start. And don’t forget to declare pre-advertising, pre-journalism, pre-media studies, pre-public relations as your major.


How To Apply

Step 1: Declare an SOJC pre-major.

Whether you want to pursue a concentration in advertising, journalism, media studies, or public relations—or you're not quite sure yet which concentration to pursue—you’ll begin your journey as an SOJC pre-major.

Step 2: Meet our core requirements.

To qualify for full major status, you’ll need to complete the following prerequisites.

  • Pre-major core: Lay the groundwork for your journalism degree.
    • J100 Media Professions (2 credits)
    • J101 Grammar for Communicators (2 credits)
    • J201 Media and Society (4 credits)
  • UO writing requirement: Get a few writing classes under your belt. (If you’re in the Clark Honors College, don’t worry about this one.)
    • WR121 College Composition I
    • WR122 College Composition II or WR123 College Composition III
  • Minimum GPA: Complete at least 24 graded hours at UO, and earn a cumulative GPA of 2.90 or better.

Step 3: Apply for full major status.

Your application is due on the last day of the term in which you finish the above pre-requisites. Your application will remain pending until grades are released.


Laptop Policy

Your laptop is your lifeline. It keeps you connected wherever you are, on campus or off. We expect all students to have reliable access to one, and some instructors even require it for class. Need a computer? Get a recommendation from our tech folks, and choose a vendor that offers educational discounts—like the UO Duck Store.