Faculty Research

Learn about the research SOJC faculty members are leading in their fields. 


June 30
Nicole Dahmen interviews "Easy Beauty" author and two-time Pulitzer-Prize finalist Chloé Cooper Jones for "Eugene Weekly."
May 26
Directors of the SOJC's Agora Journalism Center address the Protect Local Journalism bill and how it would provide a path for supports local news organizations.
May 12
It’s OK to spend hundreds of hours playing ‘The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.’ Here’s why.
May 12
Instructor Lisa Peyton shares five tools at the intersection of extended reality and artificial intelligence that are driving a content revolution.
April 28
In this article, Nieman Lab asks Seth Lewis to explain and make sense of academic research about journalism.
April 28
Experts who study gender, race and media say the three firings speak to the reality of sexism in the news industry and how these attitudes can shape journalism.
April 21
“Social Media in the Middle East 2022: A Year in Review” has been published by the University of Oregon-UNESCO Crossings Institute under the supervision of Professor Damian Radcliffe.
March 22
Whitney Phillips, assistant professor of media studies, shares tips everyone can use to decide what kind of content to share on social media.