Undergraduate Scholarships

A college degree is one of the most important investments you can make. To help students pay for tuition and costs, the SOJC awards more than 150 scholarships–and it couldn’t be simpler to apply!

Just submit your University of Oregon application by February 1 to be automatically considered for scholarships amounting to over $700,000 each year.

To qualify for SOJC-specific scholarships, you must have a declared SOJC major or pre-major status.

Feb. 1, 2025

Scholarship Deadline


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How to Apply for Scholarships

Step 1: First, fill out the general UO application (through the UO Scholarship Dashboard) and declare a pre-SOJC or SOJC major.

Step 2: You will automatically be directed to the SOJC set of scholarship application questions.

That’s it! By completing the application, you will be automatically considered for multiple UO and SOJC scholarships.

Apply via the UO Scholarship Dashboard

SOJC Scholarship Guidelines

Students receiving an SOJC scholarship:

  • Must be enrolled in 9 credit hours per term they have the scholarship. A student who does not enroll for a designated term or who enrolls in fewer than 9 credits may forfeit that term’s portion of the SOJC scholarship.
  • Must not be placed on academic probation.
  • For declared SOJC major scholarship recipients: Must maintain a declared major in the SOJC for the entire academic year and demonstrate consistent progress in completing major requirements.
  • For undeclared SOJC major scholarship recipients and high school seniors: Must demonstrate consistent progress toward SOJC major requirements and major declaration.
  • Must not unenroll from UO. (Unenrollment will result in a loss of any undistributed amounts of the scholarship.)

Failure to abide by the above requirements may result in loss of scholarship funds. Please note that these guidelines are the minimum standards. Some scholarships have heightened requirements. If you are awarded a scholarship, please review all materials to make sure you understand and are able to comply with the requirements.


Your scholarship will be distributed in three equal installments. Payments will be credited to your billing account at the start of fall, winter, and spring terms (the first payment should appear on the October 1 account statement). To confirm the receipt of funds, visit your Duckweb account. Your scholarship installments show be listed under the account summary as “journ and comm.” SOJC scholarship installments may not be transferred to summer term.

The SOJC scholarship award is in addition to any other UO scholarships. However, it may affect the total amount of loans for which you are eligible. Contact the UO Office of Student Financial Aid for more information.

Questions and Exceptions to Scholarship Guidelines

SOJC scholarships are administered directly through SOJC, not through the university’s Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. If you seek an exception to the above rules for a scholarship term, requests must be submitted, in writing, two weeks before the start of the term in question. Requests should be sent to Deb Morrison, SOJC Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, at debmor@uoregon.edu. The requests should contain your full name, your scholarship, and a paragraph about why you are seeking an exception.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I study abroad, will I qualify for scholarships? 
A: Maybe! Talk to Deb Morrison, SOJC Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, in the term before you study abroad. Failure to do so before studying abroad could result in scholarship fund usage denial.

Q: If I’m a senior in high school, may I still apply for scholarships?
A: Absolutely! Some scholarships are geared toward currently enrolled SOJC students, but many are open to graduating high school seniors with their eyes set on SOJC.

Q: When and how will I be notified if I received a scholarship?
A: Notifications about scholarship awards will be sent to the email address listed on each student’s scholarship application by early June. A small awards ceremony for scholarships is usually held in early June, before commencement. 

Q: What if I don’t receive a scholarship? Will I be notified?
A: Yes. We send out notifications to all students on their scholarship applications to the email address listed on their scholarship application by the end of April.

Q: May I submit additional materials to be considered with my scholarship application?
A: No. SOJC has many scholarships and a specific system for evaluation. Submitting extra materials may cause your application to be disqualified. 

Q: My scholarship has requirements that are stricter than the listed SOJC Scholarship Guidelines. Which rules do I need to abide by?
A: A few scholarships have heightened requirements. Failure to abide by those heightened requirements will likely result in you not being able to receive your scholarship funds. Please review all paperwork when you receive a scholarship to make sure you will be able to abide by the scholarship’s requirements.

Q: I want to take fewer than 9 credit hours in one of my terms where I have my scholarship. Is this possible?
A: Maybe. You need to follow the exceptions to scholarship guidelines process, and make sure to do so sooner than two weeks before the end of the prior term to the term you are requesting an exception. Please note that if your scholarship is close to covering full tuition, the likelihood of the exception will be granted is lower.

Q: I want to attend summer classes. Can I use my scholarship for that?
A: No. Your scholarship will be divided evenly between fall, winter, and spring terms.

Q: I want to use more of my scholarship in one term over another. Is that possible?
A: Maybe. You need to follow the exceptions to scholarship guidelines process, and make sure to do so sooner than two weeks before the end of the prior term to the term you are requesting an exception. This is not an exception that is always granted.

Q: I want to leave SOJC but still remain at UO. Will I lose my scholarship?
A: Yes, beginning with the term you leave SOJC or do not demonstrate consistent progress in completing major requirements. If you know you intend to do this, please immediately contact Deb Morrison

Q: What if I cannot attend the scholarship award ceremony? Will I still receive my scholarship?
A: Yes, but we highly encourage you to attend the event, as it will be where we distribute scholarship packets, answer questions, and give you some additional scholarship tasks to complete.

Q: May I turn in my scholarship application late? May it still be considered?
A: It most likely will not be considered. 

Q: When are scholarship applications due?
A: Scholarships are due by 11:59 p.m. February 1, unless that date falls on a weekend day, in which case the deadline is 11:59 p.m. on the first weekday after February 1. 

Q: Do you accept paper applications for scholarships?
A: No. You must use the scholarship online application process via the UO Scholarship Dashboard.

Q: I received a scholarship last year. Am I eligible to apply again this year?
A: Yes. As long as you still meet the SOJC scholarship guidelines, you may apply again.

Q: May I just apply to one specific scholarship?
A: No. You must complete the application using the scholarship online application process via the UO Scholarship Dashboard.