Featured Student Work

See SOJC students' outstanding work, from published articles and research to award-winning videos and campaigns.

Multimedia Journalism Master’s alum Rita Sabler ’23 paired her digital art with animation skills she learned at the SOJC to create a beautiful and moving documentary about global funeral practices.
Journalism instructor and Eugene Weekly editor Camilla Mortensen discusses the paper’s collaboration with the SOJC’s Catalyst Journalism Project on OPB’s “Think Out Loud.”
Elizabeth Yost, a student journalist in the SOJC’s Catalyst Journalism Project, led the effort to collect responses from Oregon’s school districts in this partnership with OPB and The Lund Report.  
Strategic Communication Master’s student Collin Pullum’s capstone project is a communication plan detailing immersive experiences that ethically consider the backgrounds of marginalized populations.
In spring 2023, members of the Multimedia Journalism Master’s program produced a documentary related to the racist history in Portland, Oregon, that dates back to the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
By building on the strategic communication skills she gained at the SOJC, Meredith Floyd-Preston laid the foundation for a cutting-edge architectural firm’s growth goals.
Jake Savelich’s Strategic Communication Master’s capstone project explores the confluence of an environmental crisis, the nature of empathy and VR technology.
Leah Torrez’s master’s in advertising and brand responsibility capstone project is a culmination of her experience as a cutting-edge designer and person of color.
Suenia de Azevedo came to Oregon from Brazil to study funk and feminism en route to becoming a college professor.
Sopheakpanha Sok used her Strategic Communication Master’s capstone project to help women report sexual harassment in her native Cambodia.