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Hands-on learning doesn’t always happen out in the field. When the SOJC experience got flipped on its head this year, living rooms turned into lecture halls, and students found digital ways to engage in real-world work. They honed their craft with virtual faculty guidance, in socially distanced labs in Allen Hall and the Oregon Reality Lab, and via remote internships. As wildfires and protests ignited across the state, some even donned masks and plunged into the thick of things, gaining once-in-a-lifetime field experience.

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A rally in support of the Black Lives Matter movement held in downtown Eugene, Oregon in May 2020. Photo by Kimberly Harris.
Snowden Interns Cover a Historic Summer

This year’s Snowden interns faced a summer like no other. From ongoing protests in Portland to rising concerns about domestic and child abuse during the pandemic, our interns did their fair share of ethical reporting. The Charles Snowden Program for Excellence in Journalism has funded more than 250 internships since 1998.

Get Inspired

Jasmine Jackson
Jasmine Jackson Finds Her Voice

Long before the summer protests erupted, Jasmine Jackson ’20 was reporting about race, equity, and inclusion on campus. In her youth, she yearned to see her community properly reflected in the news and on TV. As an SOJC journalism student, she realized she had a passion for videography and the talent for storytelling to help make that happen. The director of powerful video projects like “Ethnic Hair Day at UO” and “Home for the Black and Educated,” Jackson created her most recent video, “Last Stop in the Barber Shop,” during a Snowden multimedia internship with Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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An SOJC student shoots photos of the Sheridan glacier in Cordova, Alaska
Science & Memory: Telling the Story of Climate Change

Science can measure the effects of climate change, but it’s the stories about how people and places are adapting that have the power to move audiences. From 2014 through 2019, students in the SOJC’s unique Science & Memory program have traveled the world, from the Oregon Coast and Alaska to Ghana and Hawaii, to tell the complex stories of climate change. Their efforts have emphasized the importance of science communication, strategic understanding of audience, and the beauty of well-crafted work.

See What They Saw

students use VR technology in the OR Lab at SOJC Portland
Take a Tour of the Oregon Reality Lab

During the social isolation brought on by COVID-19, virtual reality offered a way to escape beyond our four walls. Forward-thinking faculty at SOJC Portland knew this innovative technology would be the media of the future. For the past two years, students in the Oregon Reality (OR) Lab have been experimenting with different realities—augmented, extended, and virtual—and exploring the potential of ethical immersive media as a communication and problem-solving tool.

Visit the Lab

Members of the UO Women's Basketball team pose with posters created by Allen Hall Advertising
Allen Hall Advertising Brings the Wonder

The client: UO Athletic Department. The objective: Boost ticket sales for women’s basketball games. The campaign: Witness the Wonder. Allen Hall Advertising’s sophisticated pitch for a women’s basketball brand uplift won the student ad agency a $74,000 account and an unparalleled real-world experience. Their work was featured on banners and buses all over campus and beyond.

Be Amazed

photo illustration of person checking emails on phone and laptop
Improving How Brands Address COVID-19

When the pandemic unleashed a deluge of emails from corporate brands about the coronavirus, advertising and brand responsibility (ABR) master’s student Adam Spencer ’20 noticed there was a fine line between informing customers and exploiting consumer anxiety. His class conducted consumer surveys on COVID-related brand communication and used the results to develop a guide for responsible messaging during the pandemic.

Sabrina Ionescu presents a storyboard in her Advertising and Brand Responsibility class
Sabrina Builds Her Brand at the SOJC

Everyone in the UO universe knows about Sabrina Ionescu’s history-making star turn on the Women’s Basketball Team. But did you know she’s also a recent graduate of the SOJC’s one-of-a-kind advertising and brand responsibility master’s program? While earning the title of GOAT on the court this year, Sabrina was banking on her future by learning how to be a responsible brand ambassador for herself.

Bet on Sabrina's Brand

New to the Bookstore: Books by SOJC Students

Hayward Field Legends and Legacy book cover

Capturing the Legacy of Hayward Field

Duck fans protested when their beloved track and field stadium was torn down to make way for a newer, larger arena. That was 100 years ago. In Hayward Field: Legends and Legacy, SOJC student and Snowden intern Bryce Dole ’20 brought to life memories and anecdotes about the site of record-breaking moments in track history. SOJC senior instructor Lori Shontz copy-edited the sports-packed book, contributing her vast knowledge of track and field.

Make a Run for History

Classroom 15 book cover

The Journalism Class That Wrote a Book

How does a school pen pal project lead to an FBI inquiry and government coverup? It’s a long story. Prolific author and James N. Wallace Chair Peter Laufer guided his Reporting II class through the process of researching, writing, and securing publication for Classroom 15: How the Hoover FBI Censored the Dreams of Innocent Oregon 4th Graders. With a foreword from SOJC alum Ann Curry ’78, the 250-page hardcover book by SOJC journalism students uncovers a previously untold tale.

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Explore #LifeasaJStudent

See the world through the eyes of SOJC students as they chronicle their journeys to far-flung places around the globe, network with top professionals in the industry, and share their most impactful fieldwork.

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Cover image of Revising the Playbook case study
Revising the Playbook on Gun Sales

As mass shootings shake the nation from coast to coast, sporting goods stores in America have faced a difficult dilemma: Should they continue to sell guns to the general public? Following the Parkland, Florida, school shooting in 2018, Dick’s Sporting Goods decided to halt gun sales in all 125 of its locations. Three strategic communication master’s students investigated the company’s communication choices in a case study that won the national Jack Koten Page Principles Case Study Award from the Arthur Page Society.

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