Advertising and Brand Responsibility Master’s Program Sample Schedules

This 46-credit cohort-based program is designed to be completed in one year, although some students may take longer to complete their terminal projects. The grids below shows when we offer required courses and select electives. Each term is 10 weeks long.

Fall Term - First Year

J611 Media and Society4
J607 Brand Responsibility Seminar4
J594 Strategic Communication Research4
Elective: J512 Advertising and Theory4

Winter Term - First Year

J557 Curiosity for Strategists4
J560 Advertising and Culture4
J607 Brand Responsibility Seminar4
Optional Elective OR Foreign Language (for MA)2-4

Spring Term - First Year

Electives OR Foreign Language (for MA)2-4
J607 Brand Responsibility Seminar4
J609 Terminal Project2-6

Summer Term - First Year -or- Fall Term - Second Year

J609 Terminal Project2-6
Optional Foreign Language Course (for MA)4

Academic Checklist

In addition to your required courses, you’ll need to complete the following tasks between enrollment and graduation. Complete these steps in order, with guidance from your faculty advisor.

  1. Make contact with your faculty advisor. The program director, David Ewald, will serve as your academic advisor and will recommend possible advisors for your final project to you during winter term. 
  2. Submit your terminal project proposal to your advisor. By the end of winter term, you should secure your advisor’s approval of your project plan.
  3. Enroll for at least 3 credits of J609 during your graduating term. If you have not completed your terminal project by the time you complete your coursework, you will need to register for J609 in summer or fall term.
  4. Apply for graduation. In the second week of the term in which you plan to graduate, fill out the graduation form on GradWeb.
  5. Complete your oral defense of your terminal project. This should happen at least one week before the end of your final term.
  6. Submit an electronic copy of your final terminal project to the SOJC Graduate Office.


Need some guidance? Here are a few options:

  1. Download our graduate handbook for more details about program requirements and resources.
  2. Contact our graduate recruiter in Portland with questions about the program, the application process, and admission.

Once you’re admitted, you’ll be matched with a faculty advisor who will be your first point of contact for academic and career guidance. You’ll also choose a capstone advisor to assist with your terminal project.