Faculty and Staff Directory

Sonali Sampat

Pro Tem Instructor
City: Eugene

Matt Schmidt

Academic IT Manager
Phone: 541-346-2170
Office: 319 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Tom Seaman

Pro Tem Instructor
Office: White Stag Building, SOJC Portland
City: Portland

Alex Segrè Cohen

Assistant Professor of Science and Risk Communication
City: Eugene

Bish Sen

Associate Professor
Affiliated Departments: Asian Studies
Phone: 541-346-2880
Office: 311C Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Autumn Shafer

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-7641
Office: 329 Allen Hall
City: Eugene, Portland
Research Interests: Health Promotion

Adee Shekar

Assistant Dean of Finance and Operations
Office: 216C Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Lori Shontz

Professor of Practice
Phone: 541-346-2347
Office: 328 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Brittany Shoots-Reinhard

Senior Research Associate
Phone: 16144406258
Office: 110 A Allen Hall
Research Interests: Social Psychology; Judgment and Decision Making; Persuasive Communication; Numeracy, Risk Perception; Affect; Legal, Health, and Financial Decision Making; Organizational Psychology; Attitude Measurement; Social Cognition

Hollie Smith

Associate Professor of Science and Environmental Communication
Affiliated Departments: SOJC
Phone: 541-346-0150
Office: 110B Allen Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Science journalism, natural hazards communication, environmental communication

Gretchen Soderlund

Associate Professor of Media History
Director, Media Studies Program
Phone: 541-346-8922
Office: 309A Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Leslie Steeves

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor
Affiliated Departments: African Studies
Phone: 541-346-3751
Office: 209 Allen Hall

Marcia Stuart

Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs
Phone: 541-346-3708
Office: 214A Allen Hall

Paul Swangard

Instructor of Advertising and Sport Brand Strategy
Phone: 541-346-3262
Office: 323 Allen Hall
City: Eugene