Profile picture of Brittany Shoots-Reinhard

Brittany Shoots-Reinhard

Senior Research Associate
Phone: 16144406258
Office: 110 A Allen Hall
Research Interests: Social Psychology; Judgment and Decision Making; Persuasive Communication; Numeracy, Risk Perception; Affect; Legal, Health, and Financial Decision Making; Organizational Psychology; Attitude Measurement; Social Cognition


Brittany Shoots-Reinhard is a Senior Research Associate in Dr. Ellen Peters' lab. She is interested in decision making and attitudes and persuasion. One area of her research investigates how perceived and actual numeric ability influences decisions and motivation to ultimately improve academic, health, and financial outcomes. A second area involves evidence-based communication, and how factors such as emotion, message resistance, and numeric ability facilitate or inhibit persuasion and behavior change. She has explored these factors in topics such as tobacco use and safe driving. 


Ph.D. Social Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. 

M.A. Social Psychology, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.

B.S. Psychology, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.


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Shoots-Reinhard, B. & Peters, E. (2018). A summary of two surveys on the psychological predictors of self-reported distracted driving. Report prepared for The Risk Institute at Fisher College of Business.

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