Communication and Media Studies Master’s Program Degree Requirements

Ready to become a master of media theory? You’ll need to complete at least 46 credits (including 24 graded credits at the UO) covering a mix of media concepts and theory, research methodology courses, and graduate-level electives in your areas of interest.

To see which order most students take these courses, see our sample schedule. Consult the UO Class Schedule to find out when these courses are offered and register.

Code Title Credits
J611 Mass Communication and Society 4
J612 Media Theory I 4
J613 Media Theory II 4
J641 Qualitative Research Methods 4
J642 Qualitative Research Methods 4
N/A Additional Methods Course 4
N/A Additional Graduate-Level SOJC Conceptual Course(s) 4
N/A Graduate-Level Courses Outside the SOJC 8-16

Thesis or Terminal Project—All Students Complete 

If you want to pursue doctoral study or a career requiring scholarly research, you should complete a thesis. The terminal project is an option if you plan to pursue a career more focused on creative or professional expertise than traditional research. For more details about and guidelines for the thesis/terminal project, download the graduate handbook.

Code Title Credits
J503 Thesis 9
J609 Terminal Project 6


Need some guidance? Here are a few options:

  1. Download our graduate handbook for more details about program requirements and resources.
  2. Contact our Associate Director of Graduate Affairs with questions about the program, the application process, and admission.