Communication and Media Studies Master’s Program Courses

Ready to become a master of media theory? You’ll need to complete at least 46 credits (including 24 graded credits at the UO) covering a mix of media concepts and theory, research methodology courses, and graduate-level electives in your areas of interest.

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J503 Thesis (9 credits) 
This is a substantial document that presents original research addressing questions about media and society. It typically includes a review of relevant literature, an appropriate research method, and an analysis of your findings.

J609 Terminal Project (6 credits)
A terminal project differs from a thesis in one major way: Instead of contributing to the scholarly literature, it contributes to the communication professions with a creative accomplishment or applied research. It’s more than a class assignment and will require as much research as a thesis. Final projects have included magazine or newspaper article series, video productions, practical guides for working journalists, and applied research projects.

J611 Mass Communication and Society (4 credits)
Review of the literature of mass communication and get an introduction to graduate study in journalism and communication.

J612 Media Theory I (5 credits)
In this first course of a three-part sequence introducing students to media theory, you will focus on the social scientific tradition. Sequence with J613, J614.

J613 Media Theory II (5 credits)
This second course in a three-part sequence focuses on critical approaches. Sequence with J612.

J614 Media Theory III (5 credits)
The final course in the three-part sequence focuses on contemporary theoretical perspectives. Series with J612, J613.

J641 Qualitative Research Methods (4 credits)
Get an introduction to qualitative research methods including traditional historical inquiry, oral history, ethnography, and participant observation.

J642 Quantitative Research Methods (4 credits)
Learn about and analyze quantitative research methods in terms of design, measurement, inference, and validity, with a focus on conceptualization in communication research.


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