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It’s OK to spend hundreds of hours playing ‘The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.’ Here’s why.
Instructor Lisa Peyton shares five tools at the intersection of extended reality and artificial intelligence that are driving a content revolution.
We sat down with Professor Peter Laufer, the James Wallace Chair of Journalism and longtime journalism advocate, to gather tips for conducting the most effective journalistic interview.
There are many benefits to joining a professional organization as a student, including the chance to meet and network with professionals in your major. Learn more in this article.
This story was developed through the SOJC’s Catalyst Journalism Project, which brings together investigative reporting and solutions journalism.
Liz Saint-John with KCBS spoke with Laufer the 30th anniversary of the UN General Assembly's proclamation of World Press Freedom Day.
This spring and summer terms, courses in the SOJC will have new faces at the front of the class when doctoral students take on teaching duties in public relations and communication.
In this article, Nieman Lab asks Seth Lewis to explain and make sense of academic research about journalism.
OPB reports on homeless campers in city parks being given just two hours notice to move and interviews Weisend who worked on the story for SOJC's Catalyst Journalism Project and Eugene Weekly.
Experts who study gender, race and media say the three firings speak to the reality of sexism in the news industry and how these attitudes can shape journalism.