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The UO Alumni Association is celebrating Pride Month and the diverse identities of alumni identifying as LGBTQ+, including SOJC alumni Randy Shilts ’77, Sally Sheklow ’76, and Bethany Grace Howe ’19.
Zaria Parvez, the witty social media maven behind Duolingo’s viral TikToks, started working at the company right after she graduated from the SOJC in 2020. It was the only job she applied for.
SOJC Assistant Professor Whitney Phillips tells Columbia Journalism Review that many Trump supporters believe “disinformation” is code for conservative censorship.
A Vox article about the influence of TikTok on political polarization cites an SOJC faculty study showing users’ ideology shifted after using the app, and most said it changed “a great deal.”
Want to work in sports PR? SOJC expert offers insights on how to break into sports communication and land the perfect job.
SOJC PR graduate Ella Norton explains why hands-on experience, networking and alumni connections are so important.
Annie Neal, an advertising major and entrepreneurship minor, credits a "mosaic of mentors" for helping her achieve success as a student, creator and soon-to-be college graduate.
Digital challenge games like Wordle or Sudoku may help restore psychological well-being, according to a study led by Ph.D. student Waseq Rahman and co-authored by Assistant Professor Maxwell Foxman.
Brent Walth, an SOJC professor and longtime investigative reporter, is interviewed on the podcast "Think Out Loud" about the sale of 15 Oregon newspapers.
A SOJC contingent of students and faculty attended World Press Freedom Day in Santiago, Chile, where student reporters produced blogs, podcasts and photography for the UO-UNESCO Crossings website.