Media Studies Undergraduate Program News

SOJC Professor Bish Sen weighed in on the role of reality TV in society in an article published on the OPB news site. Reality shows aren’t trash TV or guilty pleasures, he said. They mirror real life.
For a class project, a UO Media Studies major created a game to give players an introduction to faculty and staff and build community within the program.
Undergraduates majoring in media studies learn how to examine the media’s social, cultural and economic impact from an ethical perspective while gaining research and media production skills.
Assistant Professor Diego Cortés, from Colombia, is working to shift student focus from a broad international perspective to an interconnected global perspective, especially around religion.
Is consuming true crime stories ethical? That is the big question asked in J-397 Media Ethics, taught by Whitney Phillips, assistant professor of digital platforms and ethics.
In this story, Rolling Stone examines a radical evangelist’s work on college campuses and Whitney Phillips explains the conditions and trends around it.
Students at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication use reality TV to examine media and society in one honors journalism class.
The documentary filmmaker, author, creative director, and activist focuses on telling stories about Black people, history, and culture – stories he longed to see more of growing up in the Portland area in the ’80s and ’90s.