Advertising Program Degree Requirements

Considering a career in advertising? Here are the academic requirements you’ll need to complete to get a degree in advertising from the SOJC.

How to Earn an Advertising Degree

Here’s a basic overview of the path you’ll take to get to graduation:

Step 1: If you're an incoming student, declare “pre-advertising," "pre-journalism,” "pre-media studies," or "pre-public relations" on your UO application. Current UO students in other majors can fill out our pre-major application form.  

Step 2: Complete the SOJC’s pre-major core requirements and courses below.

Step 3: Apply for full major status with the SOJC.

Step 4: Complete the SOJC full major core required courses. 

Step 5: Take five core context courses in media theory and analysis. You can take them at the same time as your advertising sequence courses (see Step 6).

Step 6: Complete the advertising sequence requirements. You can take these courses at the same time as the core context courses.

Step 7: Complete all other general education and general studies requirements. You can complete these while you're working through the steps above.

Step 8: Apply for your degree. Congrats—you made it!

Minimum Requirements

Before you’re admitted to the SOJC, you’ll need to meet a few minimums:

graded Credits at uo
cumulative UO GPA
pre-major courses 


To graduate with an SOJC degree, you'll also need to complete:

SOJC credits
upper-division SOJC credits


Pre-Major Requirements—Complete Before Applying for Full Major

You’ll begin your SOJC journey as a pre-major, so be sure to declare “advertising” on your UO application. Before taking the next step to become a full SOJC major, you’ll need to complete these pre-major requirements, ideally during your first year.

1. Pre-Major Core Courses

Code Title Credits
J100 Media Professions 2
J101 Grammar for Communicators 2
J201 Media and Society 4

2. UO Writing Requirements (Clark Honors College students are exempt from this requirement)

Code Title Credits
WR 121 College Composition I 4
WR 122 or WR 123 College Composition II or III 4

Full SOJC Major Core—All SOJC Students Complete

During the term you expect to complete the pre-major requirements, you should submit an application for full major status. Once you’re accepted as an SOJC full major, you’ll need to complete the courses below. Students in the SOJC Honors Program will meet some of their core context requirements with honors courses.

Code Title Credits
J211 Gateway to Media 8
J212 Writing for Communicators 4
J213 Fact or Fiction 4

Core Context Courses—All SOJC Students Complete

All SOJC students must complete five classes in media theory/analysis. You can take them concurrently with the advertising sequence courses. If you’re an SOJC Honors student, you’ll meet some of these requirements with your honors courses.

Code Title Credits
J320 Gender, Media, and Diversity (prerequisite: J201) 4
J385 Communication Law (prerequisite: J201) 4
J387 or J396 Media History (prerequisite: J201) or International Communication (prerequisite: J201) 4
J397 Media Ethics (prerequisite: J201) 4

Choose 1 of the following courses: 

Code Title Credits
J429 Media Technologies and Society Topic* (prerequisite: J201, full major status) 4
J430 Culture and Power in the Media Topic* (prerequisite: J201, full major status) 4
J431 Media Structures and Regulation Topic* (prerequisite: J201, full major status) 4
J494 Strategic Communication Research Methods (prerequisite: J201, full major status; PR and advertising students only) 4

* Any course listed under the same course number will count. Course titles offered within each topic will vary. These courses are repeatable if the topics have different titles.

Advertising Sequence Requirements—Advertising Majors Complete

Once you've completed the full major core, you can start registering for the courses below to complete your advertising degree.

Code Title Credits
J342 The Creative Strategist (prerequisites: JAD major status, J211, J212) 4
J448 Advertising Campaigns (prerequisites: JAD major status, departmental authorization, complete after J342 and the four courses you choose from the list below) 4

Choose 4 of the following courses: (prerequisites: JAD major status, J211, J212, J213, and J342; some courses may require instructor consent)

Code Title Credits
J443 Advertising Media Planning 4
J444 Advertising Account Management 4
J457 Curiosity for Strategists 4
J458 Writing Design Concepts 4
J459 Branding and Content 4
J460 Brand Development Topic** 4

** Course titles will vary. You may take J460 four times and they will count as separate classes, as long as the course titles were different each time.

General Studies Requirements—All SOJC Students Complete

All SOJC students must complete at least 104 non-SOJC credits. For advertising majors, choose one of the following options:

  • Non-SOJC minor. See the UO Course Catalog for a list of applicable subject areas. Most minors are 24–32 credits (6–8 courses).
  • Declare a nonmajor concentration. Take 24 credits (6 courses) from one non-SOJC area. At least 12 of these credits must be 300-level or higher, and at least 4 must be 400-level. Technical, performance, physical education, and Clark Honors College credits are not considered concentrations.
  • Double-major in a program outside the SOJC. See the UO Course Catalog for a list of major options.

Electives—Complete 4+ Credits

You’ll need at least 4 SOJC elective credits to reach the minimum 72 credits required. You can choose any SOJC courses you haven't yet taken. 

Academic Support and Career Advising

Need some guidance? Our academic advisors are here for you. The SOJC Student Services Center is your one-stop shop for undergrad academic advice and career-building tips. All undergraduate SOJC students are welcome—even if you haven’t enrolled yet. Drop in to Student Services on the ground floor of Allen Hall or make an appointment to get on track to meet your goals.