Journalism Program News

A SOJC contingent of students and faculty attended World Press Freedom Day in Santiago, Chile, where student reporters produced blogs, podcasts and photography for the UO-UNESCO Crossings website.
Eden McCall, a journalism and spatial data science major, channels her curiosity into science communication projects like interpretive mapping and researching endangered frogs.
Listen to this podcast to hear Nathan Stevens ’16, a communication specialist at Briscoe Center for American History, talk about combining his love of journalism with his knowledge of audio storytelling.
Before meeting with potential employers on an SOJC college professional development trip, memorize these nine networking tips to get the most out of the experience and land your post-grad dream job.
Networking with UO alumni and working for the student-led Duck TV station helped four SOJC students get news, sports and weather jobs at local TV news stations.
SOJC student Kayla Krueger, a KWVA DJ and guitar player in the group GrrlBand, experienced a lot of gender bias in the music industry. So she wrote her honors thesis on hegemonic patriarchy.
The Oregon chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists has named KLCC’s Nathan Wilk its 2024 Rookie of the Year. Wilk ’23 was part of the Snowden Internship Program before joining KLCC in 2023.
Lookout Santa Cruz, a digital-only news site started by Ken Doctor '79, won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of flooding in California. Doctor is a member of the SOJC Hall of Achievement.
While it’s healthy to question what we see and hear in the media, internet searches to fact-check news stories can backfire and lead people to believe false stories, says an SOJC professor.
SOJC journalism student Julia Boboc shares the skills she learned reporting on immigrants for a school project. Read her tips on interviewing, confidence-building, and telling a compelling story.