SOJC faculty and students present at AEJMC in Chicago

Story by Patty Jenness

UO School of Journalism and Communication faculty, along with several graduate students and alumni, are in Chicago, Illinois, this week for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference.

The annual conference, held August 9-12,with the help of, will feature sessions, panels and workshops on the latest research, teaching methods and public service in journalism and mass communication. Topics range from teaching and media ethics to incorporating diversity within curriculum and media management.

This year’s theme, “Closing the Gap: Media, Research and the Profession,” supports AEJMC’s mission to advance education, foster scholarly research, cultivate better professional practice and promote the free flow of communication.

More than 2,000 journalism and mass communication administrators, educators and researchers are expected to attend. Also in attendance will be well-known authors and publishers of communication texts, companies and organizations tracking emerging trends in higher education, social media professionals and internet and technology professionals, and practitioners, including a Chicago patent attorney.

SOJC faculty will have several opportunities to network and socialize at receptions, luncheons and socials, and to meet with educational peers and representatives from some of the leading publishers in the world.

Edwin L. Artzt Dean Juan-Carlos Molleda will serve as moderator for a preconference titled the PF&R Panel Pre-conference Workshop: Wading through the Waters of Fake News and Alternative Facts on Tuesday, Aug. 8.

Other SOJC faculty members will present throughout the four-day conference. For a complete list of speakers and times, view the online conference program. Here is a summary of SOJC faculty participation:

Tuesday, Aug. 8

1-5 p.m. Juan-Carlos Molleda: Moderator, PF&R Panel Pre-conference Workshop: Wading through the Waters of Fake News and Alternative Facts

Wednesday, Aug. 9

11:45 a.m.-1:15 p.m. Nicole Dahmen: “A Reciprocal-Networked Model of The Photojournalistic Icon: From the Print-Television News Era to The Present,” Refereed Paper Research Session: Photojournalism and Image, Then and Now

Thursday, Aug. 10

8:15-9:45 a.m. Dean Mundy: “Defining PR Mini Project,” Topic III — Great Ideas for Teaching PR (GIFTS), Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session

Tugce Ertem-Eray: “Growth of Public Relations Research Networks: A Bibliometric Analysis,” Topic V — Public Relations Research and Issues in Academia, Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session 

8:15-9:45 a.m. Matthew Pittman: Panelist, Research Panel Session: Streaming Content (and Relationship) to Life

8:15-9:45 a.m. John Russial: Discussant, High-Density Refereed Paper Research Session

1:30-3:00 p.m. Nicole Dahmen, David L. Morris II: “The Graphicness of Renowned Imagery: A Content Analysis of Pulitzer Prize Winning Photography,” Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session

Kim SheehanNicole DahmenDavid Morris II: "Fire, Ice or Drought? Picturing Humanity in Climate Change Imagery," Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session

David Morris II: "Visual Framing of Dieselgate: A Content Analysis of Global News Coverage," Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session

3:15-4:45 p.m. Kaitlin Bane: “Twitter Building the Agenda: How Journalists Use Twitter as a Source While Reporting,” Refereed Paper Research Session: Social News, Social Media and Social Audiences

Friday, Aug. 11

8:15-9:45 a.m. Nicole Dahmen: “Behavior Notwithstanding: Person Perception and News Photographs of the 2016 Presidential Election,” Topic — Candidate Image and News Framing, Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session

8:15-9:45 a.m. Nicole Dahmen: Moderator, PF&R Panel Session: Visualizing the Invisible: Exploring Obscured Power, Practices, and Data

8:30-10:00 a.m. Seungahn Nah: "Connecting with Hyperlocal News Website: Cause or Effect of Civic Participation?"; presenting with co-authors Wenlin Liu, Nien-Tsu Nancy Chen and Sandra Ball-Rokeach; Scholar-to-Scholar Poster Session

12:15-1:30 p.m. Tom Bivins: Moderator, Refereed Paper Research Session: Ethical Practice Makes Perfect: Expectations of Journalists and Journalism

1:45-3:15 p.m. Seth Lewis: Panelist, Research Panel Session: Media Sociology and Framing in the Network Age: The 2017 Deutschmann Award for Excellence in Research to Stephen Reese of Texas (AEJMC Elected Standing Committee on Research)

1:45-3:15 p.m. Dean Mundy: Moderator, Research Panel Session: Public Relations at the Intersections: An Examination of Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Class and Sexuality in Action

1:45-3:15 p.m. Leslie Steeves: Moderator, PF&R Panel Session: Global Inequities in Health: The Ethics of Forgotten Communities

3:30-5:00 p.m. Ed Madison: Panelist, Teaching Panel Session: Innovative Media Partnerships that Help Student Media Thrive

3:30-5:00 p.m. John Russial: Discussant, Communication Technology Division Topic — News Gatekeeping, Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session

Seth Lewis: “The Imagined Audience for and Perceived Quality of News Comments,” Newspaper and Online News Division Topic I – News Credibility, Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session

Nicole Dahmen: “Picturing the Solution? An Analysis of Visuals in Solutions Journalism,” Topic VIII – Media Routines II, Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session

Saturday, Aug. 12

9:15-10:45 a.m. Seth Lewis: Moderator/panelist, Research Panel Session: Digital Data, Computation, and Research in Journalism/Mass Communication Linking Methodological Innovations to Theory-Building

11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Pat Curtin: Pro-advocacy Debate Team, PF&R Panel Session: Debate on "The Ethics of Advocacy"

Tom Bivins: Debate judge, PF&R Panel Session: Debate on "The Ethics of Advocacy"

Patty Jenness, BA ’13, is co-managing director of Jennessco, a business consulting and public relations company. She is an SOJC graduate who majored in public relations as well as a freelance writer, digital strategist and videographer.