Ivy Fofie

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Doctoral Student
Phone: 541-346-6304
Office: 210 Allen Hall
Research Interests: Journalism, women and gender studies, studying marginalised communities and groups


Ivy (she/hers) is a PhD student in the SOJC. Her research interests merge at the intersections of journalism, gender, race, ethnicity, class and sexuality. All her teaching and research centers these broad themes and interrogates the power relationship that exists within these various intersections. Specifically, her research explores ways to challenge existing social inequalities that have the potential of deepening oppressions of various marginalised groups. Before coming to the UO, she worked as an assistant lecturer at the University of Ghana teaching courses in journalism and gender. She is currently the editor of an online African women's magazine, written for and by women, called FemInStyle Africa (https://feminstyle.africa)