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Indroneil Bir Biswas

Doctoral Student
Office: 210 Allen Hall


Indroneil Bir Biswas is a doctoral candidate in Communication and Media Studies at the School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon. He positions himself as a scholar of global media research, specializing in studying the effects of communication technologies, including digital streaming, on media industries, audiences, production, and distribution systems. He especially focus on television and other visual media’s relationship with issues of race, identity, and diasporic communities.


Master of Arts, Conflict, Security & Development, University of Sussex, 2014

Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Journalism, University of Delhi, 2013


Graduate Employee

J201 Media & Society

J211 Gateway to Media

J212 Writ for Communicators

J396 Intl. Comm.

Instructor of Record

J212 Writ for Communicators

J396 International Communication

Guest Lecture

J201 Media & Society

J396 Intl. Comm.