From Hands-On to Remote Learning


COVID-19 has affected students and instructor’s lives all over the world, with many struggling to adjust to remote learning.  This transition has been especially difficult for those involved in programs that require renting equipment, exploring the community, and holding interviews with strangers.

Sung Park, senior instructor and co-director of the journalism master's program in the School of Journalism and Communication, describes how visual storytelling is achieved in difficult situations. His experience with teaching video modules became a helpful resource for other University of Oregon instructors.

Andrew Brion, journalism '21, discusses how he found ways to maintain a creative spirit and practice his skills even when limited by physical restrictions.

Undergraduate journalism student, Sarah Miller, interviewed Park and Brion on what it's like to engage in classes with extensive hands-on components in their homes.

— By Sarah Miller, Journalism ’21, School of Journalism and Communication