We are very proud of the alumni and faculty in the Hall of Achievement and humbled by their contributions to our world.

The HOA began when members of the school’s Journalism Advancement Council, led by former longtime JAC member Mick Scott, wanted to find a way to celebrate the history of the school and to better connect students with that history and with our alumni and former faculty.

In 1998, The Hall of Achievement emerged from those discussions. In the first year, we inducted 14 members to the Hall of Achievement. The Hall of Achievement currently has 73 alumni and faculty of the SOJC—diverse and distinguished—members.

In 2009, we created the Eric Allen Award to honor alumni under 40 who have made a difference in their careers. Glenn Cole (’92) received the inaugural award. Alumni selected for the Eric Allen Award are also eligible for nomination in later years to the Hall of Achievement, which honors lifetime achievement.

Each year a distinguished selection committee of alumni, faculty and friends of the SOJC reviews the list of nominees. Members of the committee leave the selection meeting with an even greater appreciation of the school and our alumni and faculty.

In Fall 2002, the first classes were held in the new Hall of Achievement Seminar Room in Allen Hall. This room is made possible by a generous gift from The Register-Guard and the Baker family, who also sponsor our annual Hall of Achievement awards reception and dinner.

Enjoy your visit to our “virtual” Hall of Achievement. I invite you to visit the permanent display in the Hall of Achievement Seminar Room when you are on the UO campus.

Nominations for the SOJC Hall of Achievement

If you would like to nominate an alumni or former SOJC faculty member to the Hall of Achievement or for the Eric Allen Award, please send us the following information:

Information about Nominee:

  • Name
  • Class year (if known)
  • Occupation
  • Nomination letter
  • Links to any supporting evidence that may be found online, including published work, if available. A list of supporting printed evidence is also encouraged.
  • Nominee’s contact information (e-mail or telephone)

Once nominated, the alumnus/ae will remain in the nominee pool unless there is a compelling reason to remove him or her. When appropriate, the SOJC will contact the nominee and others to gather information in order to complete the entry and subsequent annual updates.

If you have any questions, please e-mail sojc@uoregon.edu.

Hall of Achievement Student Fund

In 2001, we expanded the Hall of Achievement to include a Hall of Achievement Student Fund. The program includes individual scholarship funds established to honor members of the Hall of Achievement and a general Hall of Achievement Student Fund. Current individual HOA Scholarship Funds include:

  • Civic and Watchdog Journalism Scholarship
  • Ann Curry Electronic Media Scholarship
  • Robert Frazier Memorial Scholarship
  • Harry Glickman Student Support Fund
  • John L. and Elizabeth R. Hulteng Scholarship
  • Ken Metzler Memorial Scholarship
  • Lyle M. Nelson Scholarship
  • George Pasero Memorial Scholarship in Sports Journalism
  • Warren C. Price Memorial Scholarship
  • Dean Rea Scholarship
  • Randy Shilts Memorial Scholarship
  • Glenn Starlin Endowed Fellowship
  • Bill Winter Advertising Scholarship
  • Jack and Marci Williams Scholarship