Profile picture of Álvaro Del Pozo

Álvaro Del Pozo

Graduate Teaching Fellow
Ph.D. Student
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Political Communications, Social Media, Digital Media


Alvaro is a communication and education professional who aims to explore and share knowledge and stories inside and outside the classroom. Hailing from Ecuador, Alvaro has developed into a communication jack-of-all-trades, with experience in market research, branding, video production, and higher education. As a storyteller, he has a passion for stories and narratives with which we can engage, be it to convince a 60-year-old indecisive or a passionate 25er. This belief in what we tell and share is what has driven him to pursue his doctoral studies.

He is interested in the relationships between daily communication among family, friends, coworkers or peers, and in what ends up in social platforms, mass media, or the public discourse.