Lisa Peyton

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Immersive and Strategic Communications Instructor
Office: 153 Franklin Bldg.
City: Eugene


Lisa Peyton is equal parts bleeding edge technologist, passionate educator and data driven strategist. She strongly believes in the power of technology to educate, entertain and connect people around the world. She leverages the principles of psychology, immersive storytelling and digital channel expertise to help organizations understand, reach and emotionally connect with their audiences. She joins the SOJC Public Relations department as an Immersive and Strategic Communications Instructor. 


In Her Words: 

Bleeding Edge Technologist
Technology touches every aspect of our lives and the positive impact of today's technology far outweighs any perceived negative effects. I relish pioneering innovative technological capabilities that allow people to connect and learn in new ways.

Passionate Educator
I love to teach. During the course of my life, teachers have provided much needed support, encouragement, wisdom and a belief in my abilities that was lacking in other areas of my life. I highly value the opportunity to provide that support to my students through an experiential and hands-on approach both in person and through remote learning.

Data Driven Strategist
The most effective strategies are rooted in research and insights derived from data. With over a decade of digital marketing and social media experience, I know how to capture and analyze data in order to make better marketing decisions, meet marketing objectives and optimize campaign performance.