Profile picture of Alex Cohen

Alex Cohen

Assistant Professor of Science and Risk Communication
Office: Franklin 143
City: Eugene


Dr. Segrè Cohen’s interdisciplinary research is at the intersection of psychology, science communication, and decision-making about sustainability, the environment, and human health. Her overarching research goal is to translate science into action. 


In particular, she addresses questions about how science and technology are perceived and understood by the public, and the implications of these cognitive processes for how science is used to inform behavior and address polarizing policy issues such as climate change and environmental justice. 



Prior to coming to UO, Alex served as the Director of Operations at the nonprofit, Our Climate Voices, where she was actively involved in the environmental justice movement, climate storytelling, and centering those at the forefront of climate crises. Alex was also a Science Assistant at the National Science Foundation.


PhD, University of Southern California, Pschology // Dissertation title: “Harnessing critical thinking and decision support for emergent risks”

BA, Clark University, Geography (summa cum laude)


Instructor of Record, School of Journalism and Communication

J460/560: Green Brand Strategy, Spring 2023

J377: Science of Science Communication, Winter 2023

J557: Curiosity for Strategists, Fall 2022