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Mailing/Shipping Address:
School of Journalism and Communication
1275 University of Oregon
Allen Hall Room 219
Eugene, OR 97403-1275
Phone: 541-346-3738
Fax: 541-346-0682
Twitter: @UOSOJC

Maps and directions to the School of Journalism and Communication

Visit the Alumni section.
To post an alumni news update visit the Alumni News page and click the add an alumni news item link.

For more information about how to support the SOJC, please contact:

JooHee Berglund
Director of Development

Ford Alumni Center

Turnbull Center in Portland
To reach our George S. Turnbull Portland Center, click here.

Contact List:

Julianne Newton
Professor and Edwin L. Artzt Interim Dean
(541) 346-3602

Other Faculty, Staff and Officers of Administration 

For more information about our Undergraduate program:

Sally Garner
Director of Student Services
(541) 346-0117
Twitter: @SOJCAdvising

For information about our Graduate program:

Jered Nagel
Graduate Programs Manager
(541) 346-6304

Leslie Steeves
Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs and Research
(541) 346-3751

For information about upcoming events at the Turnbull Center or to get on our mailing list, contact our Turnbull Center Coordinator:

Andrea McFarlane
Executive Assistant-Portland
(503) 412-3662

If this is a media inquiry:

Kellee Weinhold
Director of Communication
(541) 346-2897

If you are looking for information about our events:

Erika Vogt
Events Manager
(541) 346-2494

Content issues with our website:

Kellee Weinhold
Director of Communication
(541) 346-2897