Students in actionAll students begin as “pre-journalism” majors in the SOJC. Incoming students should name this as their major choice on their application to UO. Current UO students with cumulative UO GPAs over 2.00 should apply to change their major to pre-journalism.

To be admitted to the SOJC as “full” majors, students must complete certain pre-major requirements. They are:

1) Pre-major core.

– J 100 Media Professions (2 credits)
– J 101 Grammar for Communicators (2 credits)
– J 201 Media and Society >2

2) UO Writing Requirement. (Note: Clark Honors College Students are exempt from this prereq.)

– WR 121
– WR 122 OR 123

3) 24 graded hours complete at UO.

4) UO cumulative GPA of 2.90 or better. (Note: students who declared pre-journalism before Fall 2011 must have a 2.70 UO GPA.)

Students should submit the application for full major status in the term in which they expect to complete these requirements. Students who have completed the course requirements but do not have the minimum 2.90 GPA should talk to an advisor about petitioning for admission to the SOJC.

Students MUST be admitted to the SOJC before they can commence with the Gateway to Media Series.