Students in the fieldPre-Journalism

The first chapter in your college career.

Students declare pre-journalism as a major when admitted to the UO. Upon successful completion of pre-journalism requirements, students apply for admittance to the SOJC as a full journalism major with concentrations in advertising, journalism, media studies or public relations.

For current UO students wishing to change their major to pre-journalism, a minimum UO GPA of 2.00 is required.

Applying to be a full major

The online application is due on the last day of the term before you plan to start the Gateway to Media courses, even if you are currently completing some of the pre-major requirements. The application will remain pending until grades are released.

If you are planning to begin the Gateway series:

  • Fall 2018: August 17th, 2018, by 4:30 p.m.

To be accepted to the SOJC, you need to complete the pre-journalism core classes and have at least a 2.90 UO GPA.

If you DO NOT meet the GPA requirement, you can petition for full major status using the written application form and providing supplemental materials.