The curriculum listed below applies to students who declared pre-journalism Fall 2013 or later.

2015 National Championship

Photo-J student Mary Jane Schulte had journalists credentials for the 2015 National Championship football game.

Our key mission is that Journalism (J) majors learn to research, report and communicate news and nonfiction stories for different media. Our commitment to the fundamental elements of practical, ethical journalism defines us more than the medium in which we report events, convey information, and tell stories. Because we believe that informed public discourse is the lifeblood of democracy, an essential component of that mission is to train communicators who are well-equipped to practice accurate reporting, responsible analysis, and other traditional values across a broad array of evolving online, audio, video and print media.

Although preparing students for their first jobs is a part of what we do, we are more concerned with the long view, with preparing tomorrow’s media leaders for influential and fulfilling careers. We offer a unified identity focused on two enduring journalistic functions: news and narrative. Both short and long forms of journalism are explored in various platforms. We are more excited about journalism’s future than its past. We enthusiastically embrace the goal of preparing students for an increasingly online multimedia workplace. We are committed to innovation, and to continually re-examining our curriculum, from introductory courses through our capstone courses: Flux, and Oregon News. This entails a never-ending process of exploration, from finding new ways to generate stories to experimenting with novel technology platforms and dissemination strategies.