The Catalyst Journalism Project brings together investigative reporting and solutions journalism to spark action and response to Oregon’s most perplexing issues. Investigative reporting identifies social problems and names the people in power who should be held accountable. Solutions journalism is a rigorous and fact-driven approach to reporting credible solutions to societal problems. Standing alone, investigative journalism can sometimes leave citizens unsure about how to respond. Solutions journalism can help bridge that gap through stories that can improve audiences’ feelings of trust in media and self-efficacy about societal problems with the result of making our communities better places in which to live. By combining the two methods, journalism can put greater pressure on leaders to solve problems by showing readers that problems are not intractable.

The Catalyst Journalism Project includes teaching and research with the goal of reaffirming the value of the news media in the post-truth age by combining investigative journalism with the innovative practice of solutions journalism. The project will also facilitate lectures, public discussions, and other intellectual gatherings related to the topics of investigation of our reporting with the intention of engaging Oregon communities.

The Catalyst Journalism Project is a partnership with the Solutions Journalism Network. Grant support also comes from the Tom and Carol Williams Fund for Undergraduate Education and the SOJC Petrone Faculty Fellowship.