Professor Emeritus
President’s Teaching Scholar
University of Colorado Boulder

“Working with Relational Positionalities: Colonizing to Co-generative Organizing”
SATURDAY, APRIL 16 • 12:30p

 Stanley Deetz is author/co-author of over 150 scholarly essays and several books including: Leading Organizations through Transitions with Sarah J. Tracy and Jennifer Lyn Simpson (SAGE, 2015/2000); Doing Critical Management Research with Mats Alvesson (SAGE, 2014/2000); Transforming Communication, Transforming Business: Building Responsive and Responsible Workplaces (Hampton Press, 1994); and Democracy in an Age of Corporate Colonization: Developments in Communication and the Politics of Everyday Life (SUNY Press, 1992). While at UCB he was the Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Conflict, Collaboration and Creative Governance and long-term Director of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program. Deetz’s research has focused on inter-sector governance processes, micro-practices of power in organizations, and designed interaction processes in relation to collaborative decision-making. Current projects include working with NSF/AAU/Sloan funded programs to develop new processes of institutional change supporting STEM education innovation and working with the International Atomic  Energy Agency to conduct organizational change promoting safety culture in nuclear power plants. He was a Senior Fulbright Scholar and is a National Communication Association (NCA) Distinguished Scholar (inducted 2004) and an International Communication Association (ICA) Past-President (1996-7) and Fellow.