nathan_crickAssociate Professor
Department of Communication
Texas A&M University

Walter Lippmann and John Dewey Roundtable
FRIDAY, APRIL 15 • 1:00-3:15p

Nathan Crick’s work explores the relationship between and power throughout different periods of political and social change, focusing specifically on those factors which are result of conscious strategies of persuasion by individuals or groups. This goal requires research into classical rhetorical theory, social media, the structure of news, religious rhetoric, modern propaganda, the rhetoric of science and technology, the power of aesthetics, the dynamics of social movements, and the history of philosophy. Crick is author of two books: Rhetoric and Power: The Drama of Classical Greece (Univ. of South Carolina Press, 2014); and Democracy and Rhetoric: John Dewey on the Arts of Becoming (Univ. of South Carolina Press, 2010). He is also author of two textbooks including: Rhetorical Public Speaking (2nd Edition, Allyn & Bacon, 2012); and Deconstructing Communication: An Introduction to Rhetoric, Performance, and Communication Theory with Loretta Pecchioni and Joni Butcher (Pearson Custom Publishing, 2008). Crick investigates the many intersections between rhetoric, art, science, media and philosophy in order to better understand the complex movements of both classical and contemporary political culture. In addition to his theoretical interests in classical rhetoric and American pragmatism, he also researches the periods of the Italian Renaissance, the New England Transcendentalists, and 20th century social reformers.