Studying abroad

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National Student Exchange
If the idea of leaving the country is a little daunting, consider the National Student Exchange (NSE) program. Qualified students may apply for exchange enrollment at any of the 160 participating public colleges and universities throughout the country. This program enables students to study in different geographical areas of the country and take advantage of specialized courses or unique programs that may not be available at UO.

Study Abroad

One advantage of careful schedule planning is the possibility of studying abroad. UO participates in study abroad programs that provide students the opportunity to study in locations literally all over the world. It can be a bit tricky to determine what your options are as a SOJC student looking to study abroad, so below we address some major questions to help you get started.

Be sure to investigate the Study Abroad website to learn about program details, the application process, financing your international experience and more! You can also stop by their offices in 333 Oregon Hall or give them a call at (541) 346-3207.

When I study abroad, can I take courses toward my degree?
If you want to earn journalism credits during your international experience, ask Study Abroad about the programs that are pre-evaluated by the SOJC. These include:
            - Media in Ghana
- offered every summer, coordinated by UO prof. Leslie Steeves
            - Journalism study in London (AHA) - offered in summer
            - British Studies in London (AHA) - in spring 2013, features classes by UO prof. Dan Miller
            - Journalistic Interview in Vienna (AHA) - spring 2013, coordinated by UO prof. Peter Laufer
Any Journalism courses taken through most other programs would transfer into UO as elective credit only. For any journalism transfer credit to be considered as a substitute for a major requirement, a petition to the Undergraduate Affairs Committee is required. Petition forms are available in SOJC Student Services (134 Allen Hall).

But remember, journalism requirements are not the only ones you need to graduate. You have general education and general studies requirements to fulfill as well. What’s to stop you from taking a British Women Writers class in London to fulfill your literature requirement or spending time in Argentina to learn Spanish? Consider using your international experience to fulfill some of these requirements:
            - SOJC literature requirement
            - SOJC history requirement
            - coursework for a minor or second major
            - Bachelor of Arts language sequence
Each student has specific circumstances that affect the kinds of requirements he or she can fulfill abroad, so you may have other options. You should discuss your options with an SOJC adviser!

When should I go and for how long?
Generally speaking, SOJC students find it makes the most sense to look at summer or fall term programs. Going abroad in the summer means that you are able to take your journalism (or advertising, or PR…) major classes when they’re offered in the regular school year. With prior planning, it may be possible for you to study abroad in the fall, winter or spring quarters, but keep in mind that many programs operate on a semester schedule. So, your trip that starts in January may not end until May, so you’ve effectively missed two terms at UO. Because many Journalism major courses must be taken in sequence, losing two terms may make it very difficult to graduate in four years. For these reasons, fall and summer programs often make the most sense for SOJC students. For other programs, pay careful attention to the dates and speak to an SOJC adviser to discuss how that trip might fit into your plan for graduation.

The course sequences that make up the SOJC majors also mean that many students planning to go abroad during the school year find it easier to do so in their sophomore or junior years than in their senior year when they are focused on upper division major coursework available only at UO.

When do I need to start planning a term abroad?
The earlier, the better. If you start planning coursework in your first year, you’re going to have far more options about what you can take, when you go and, thus, where you go for your international experience. If you didn’t start planning as a freshman, it’s not too late! Go in and talk to an SOJC adviser about your options and go visit the Study Abroad Programs office. And don’t forget about application deadlines. Many summer programs have deadlines in February or March, so planning ahead is important to making your international experience happen.

Can I do an internship abroad?
You can! If you’re interested in interning overseas, we recommend learning more about the IE3 program. The advantage of pursuing an internship through IE3 is that it provides you a support system and network of resources during your international internship experience. It is possible to earn course credit both for IE3 internships and for internships you pursue independently. Be sure to discuss your options for doing so with your SOJC adviser. For IE3 internships, it usually makes the most sense for SOJC students to earn credit through the International Programs office (OINT 488 credit) because you can earn a larger amount. This process requires a faculty supervisor in the Journalism school, but all the paperwork is through the IE3 office. This can be a confusing process, so feel free to ask questions about how it works!

How can I identify programs that are right for me?
Below, you can find some programs we’ve identified that are probable fits for many SOJC students. However, there may be others that are better for your individual needs or interests. You should investigate all available options using the Advanced Search function on the Study Abroad office’s website. This allows you to search by term and by area of study. For example, you can search for programs that offer “history” classes during the summer term. This is an easy to way to narrow your options.

Alternatively, if you have a specific location in mind, you can search for programs in that destination and investigate each to see what options might work for your needs.

Note: the following list is by no means exhaustive and available programs change. And the classes offered as part of these programs aren’t guaranteed to be the best fit for you. Explore your options with the Study Abroad Programs office and keep your SOJC adviser in the conversation to find the best program for you!

Suggested Summer Programs

Summer Ghanian Studies
– CIEE; Legon, Ghana
Summer: Intensive Arabic Language and Moroccan Culture
– SIT; Rabat, Morocco
Summer South African Studies
– CIEE; Cape Town, South Africa

Akita International University
– OUS; Akita, Japan
Summer Japanese Studies
– CIEE; Tokyo, Japan

British Studies in London
– AHA; London, England, United Kingdom
Intensive Italian Language in Lecce
; Lecce, Italy
Irish Cultural Studies
– AHA; Dublin, Ireland
Irish Cultural Studies in Galway
– USAC; Galway, Ireland
Language and Culture in Portugal
– CIEE; Lisbon, Portugal
Summer Central European Studies in the Czech Republic
– CIEE; Prague, Czech Republic
Summer Contemporary Netherlands Studies
– CIEE; Amsterdam/Groningen, Netherlands
Summer Irish Studies
– CIEE; Dublin, Ireland

Suggested Programs for School Year: Fall Term

Africa/Middle East
Language & Culture in Jordan
– CIEE: Amman, Jordan

Akita International University
– OUS; Akita, Japan
Culture, Social Change & Development in Vietnam
– SIT; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Yonsei University
– OUS; Seoul, South Korea

Australia/New Zealand
Australian National University
– AHA; Canberra, Australia
James Cook University
– OUS; Cairns/Townsville, Australia
La Trobe University
– Bundoora/Melbourne, Australia
University of Otago
– AHA; Dunedin, New Zealand

Arts & Sciences in Ireland
– CIEE; Dublin, Ireland
Business, Communications & Culture in Belgium
– CIEE; Brussels, Belgium
Central European Studies in Hungary
– CIEE; Budapest, Hungary
Central European Studies in Poland
– CIEE; Warsaw, Poland
Central European Studies in the Czech Republic
– CIEE; Prague, Czech Republic
Danish Institute for Study Abroad
– DIS; Copenhagen, Denmark
International Business & Culture in Seville, Spain
– CIEE; Seville, Spain
Language & Culture in Portugal
– CIEE; Lisbon, Portugal
Social Sciences in the Netherlands
– CIEE; Amsterdam, Netherlands

Suggested Programs for School Year: Winter Term only

Austrian Cultural Studies in Vienna
– AHA; Vienna, Austria
British Studies in London
– AHA; London, England, United Kingdom

Suggested Programs for School Year: Spring Term only

Akita International University
– OUS; Akita, Japan
Arts & Sciences in Japan
– CIEE; Tokyo, Japan

British Studies in London
– AHA; London, England, United Kingdom
London Theatre Arts
– London, England, United Kingdom

Intensive Language Study
There are several programs that will allow for rapid progress in a foreign language. This can be particularly appealing for students working on the Bachelor of Arts language requirement. Check out the following programs if you're interested in studying a language abroad:

Chinese: Beijing (programs through OUS and CIEE)
French: Angers; Lyon; Poitiers
Italian: Lecce
Japanese: Tokyo (programs at Senshu and Waseda)
Russian: St. Petersburg
Spanish: Rosario, Argentina; Quito, Ecuador; Oveido, Spain; Querétaro, Mexico