Maya Lazaro

Maya Lazaro profile picture
  • Title: Education Program Assistant
  • Phone: 541-346-2876
  • Office: 222 Allen Hall
  • City: Eugene


OR Media is an alumni-run video production team within the UO School of Journalism and Communication that works with student talent to produce compelling, quality content for equally passionate clients and partners. OR Media facilitates a production class each academic quarter, creating a laboratory where students can experiment with novel software, craft meaningful stories, launch their own projects, build a community, seek constructive feedback and support, and discover that place where work feels like play.

As one third of OR Media, Maya’s job is to create this space every term. This means identifying opportunities for meaningful class discussions, developing new partnerships and projects, and giving students the resources they need to fully invest in themselves and their careers.

When she isn’t working or attempting to re-create crafts she sees on Pinterest, Maya volunteers as a mentor and project manager at Media Arts Institute, a nonprofit educational organization in Eugene, Oregon whose mission is to inspire and educate digital learners and aspiring media professionals through its productions, curricula, workshops, and publications.


Bachelor of Arts, Journalism: Advertising, University of Oregon, 2013