One of the most talked-about issues in journalism today is engagement — with our audiences, with online communities and with society at large. As many journalists and publications are beginning to discover, however, not all types of engagement are created equal.

To address the many evolving facets of the community engagement discussion, in January MediaShift recently published “Redefining Engagement,” an 11-article series produced by the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication.

The series, which was inspired by Experience Engagement — a four-day participatory “un-conference” co-hosted in October by the SOJC’s Agora Journalism Center and Journalism That Matters — explored the progress, promise and potential challenges of community engagement in journalism, from its ethics and teaching to its effects on a publication’s bottom line.

“I’ll write about reforming the ‘trollosphere’ and reporting on tragedy and making the dollars and cents add up,” said series writer and Agora Journalism Center employee Ben DeJarnette (BA ’13 – journalism, MA ’15 – media studies). “I’ll introduce you to journalists and recovering journalists and not-at-all journalists who are experimenting with innovative ways to build stronger communities through their work. And I’ll detail the development of a ‘community engagement platform’ — a dynamic resource that will strengthen this emerging community of practice and organize the best resources and knowledge around civic engagement….”

Click the links in the list below to read each of the “Redefining Engagement” posts in the series.

Publication schedule

  1. The Case for (Community) Engagement
  2. How Restorative Narratives Can Engage Communities After Tragedies
  3. Before Interviewing, Journalists Must Listen
  4. Four Lessons for Teaching Engagement
  5. Toward an Inclusive Journalism: Reflecting the Communities We Represent
  6. 4 Ways to Boost Engagement Beyond Clicks, Likes and Retweets
  7. 4 Ways to Make Engagement Journalism Sustainable
  8. Reforming the Trollosphere: Creating Conversation in the Comments Section
  9. Teaching Engagement: Case Studies from the Field
  10. Building a Community Engagement Platform
  11. Does Engaged Journalism Require New Ethics?

Read the report from Experience Engagement.