The SOJC’s Media and Social Action Academic Residential Community is a new physical and intellectual space, launched in fall 2017, for first-year UO students who are interested in communication and passionate about social issues. Students live together in the UO’s new residence hall, Kalapuya Ilihi Hall, and take classes with a cohort that shares their interest in using communication to change the world.

Here, students learn how to harness digital, social, and news media to raise awareness, shape attitudes, and move people toward meaningful action.

Through exclusive learning opportunities coordinated by the SOJC, Media and Social Action ARC residents:

  • Create compelling stories using digital, print, social, and mobile technologies
  • Learn how to plan and implement strategic communication plans for social good
  • Better understand community and group behaviors and needs through interdisciplinary courses
  • Participate in exclusive learning partnerships with community organizations in Oregon and beyond.

Interested in becoming part of the Media and Social Action ARC in fall 2018? Learn more below and contact if you have additional questions.

Important Dates

Winter 2018

  • Submit Media & Social Action application
  • Select ARC on University Housing application

Spring 2018

  • Receive your letter of admission status

Fall 2018

  • Move into Media & Social Action ARC
  • Begin Media & Social Action classes

During the 2017–18 academic year, students learned about Oregon’s changing environment with a rafting trip on the McKenzie River, volunteered at a food bank dedicated to helping Eugene’s underserved populations, and stepped inside the world of professional media-making with field trips to the Eugene Register-Guard and KEZI-TV.

You will be pre-enrolled in three required courses (one each term) that will cover media and social/civic issues and expose you to topics related to your interests. In addition, you will take a weekly seminar course throughout your first year where you will discuss issues related to media and social action. The courses include:

Power, Politics, and Inequality. Examines power and politics through the lens of inequality, focusing on the constant struggle between the haves and the have-nots. 

Principles of Public Relations. Provides the groundwork for the study of public relations study and helps students become better media consumers, critical thinkers, storytellers, and problem solvers.

Media and Social Change. This rigorous smartphone video production course is intended for students who want to make a difference in their communities and in the world by creating media that moves people, enlighten audiences, and inspire action.

The Media and Social Action Seminar. Over the course of their first year at the UO, students in the SOJC’s ARC will meet weekly to examine and discuss issues related to social justice and how different media influence the public’s perception of these issues.

Meet the professors and instructors who will guide you and the other Media and Social Action ARC students through the four courses you’ll be taking together.

Apply for university housing or update your housing application. Select “Media and Social Action” and answer the two ARC application questions in the “Community” sections of the application. 

Visit the University Housing ARCs page for more information. 

Contact Information

Charlie Butler

Charles Butler

ARC Faculty Director, Journalism Instructor

135 Franklin Building

Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen

Assistant Director of Student Services

134F Allen Hall