Meredith L. Morgoch

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Doctoral Candidate
Graduate Teaching Fellow
Phone: 541-346-6304
Office: 157 Franklin Bldg
Research Interests: Public Relations, Risk Communication, Natural Hazards


Meredith L. Morgoch is a Ph.D. Candidate in Communication and Media Studies experienced in research and teaching. Her research agenda encompasses public relations and risk communication as they relate to diverse publics. Morgoch's classroom experience ranges from teaching applied introductory courses, to a lecture-style class such as the principles of public relations, to a seminar-style project-based capstone public relations campaigns course that emphasized client work. Her work in the areas of public relations, risk communication, and science communication has been published in peer-reviewed journals including Public Relations ReviewJournal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, and Journalism PracticeFrontiers in CommunicationIowa Journal of Communication, and the Carolina Communication Annual.


MA in Communication, Technology, and Society, Clemson University, 2015

BS in Communication, Public Relations, Appalachian State University, 2012

AA in Liberal Arts & Sciences, Central Piedmont Community College, 2010


Jenkins, M., McBride, S., Morgoch, M., & Smith, H. (2022) Considerations for creating equitable and inclusive communication campaigns associated with ShakeAlert, the Earthquake Early Warning System for the West Coast of the United States. Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal. doi: 10.1108/dpm-03-2021-0090

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Morgoch, M.L. (2020) A total eclipse of the heartland: A content analysis of print news risk communication prior to and after the 2017 solar eclipse. Carolina Communication Annual35(1), 36-48

Smith, H., & Morgoch, M. L. (2020). Science & journalism: Bridging the gaps through specialty training. Journalism Practice, 1-18. doi:10.1080/17512786.2020.1818608

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Pyle, A. S., Morgoch, M. L., & Boatwright, B. C. (2019). SnowedOut Atlanta: Examining digital emergence on Facebook during a crisis. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management27(4), 414-422.doi:10.1111/1468-5973.12274

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