Media Studies Undergraduate Program Scholarships and Funding

A college degree is one of the most important investments you can make. To supplement federal and university financial aid, the SOJC awards more than 150 scholarships amounting to nearly $500,000 each year. You can apply for the SOJC scholarships below as well as all general UO scholarships with one easy application.

March 1, 2019

Scholarship Deadline


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How to Apply for Scholarships

You can apply for all SOJC undergraduate scholarships, plus some other university-wide and departmental scholarships, via the UO Scholarship Dashboard. The application deadline for SOJC scholarships is March 1, 2019.

Step 1: Apply for admission to UO. If you’re applying for one of the SOJC scholarships listed below, you must declare a pre-SOJC or SOJC major. If you’re already a UO student, skip to Step 3.

Step 2: Check your email. You will receive an email invitation to log in to the UO Scholarship Dashboard within one week of submitting your application for admission.

Step 3: Log in to the UO Scholarship Dashboard. If you’re already an enrolled UO student, use your Duck ID. Set up your profile by filling out the general application.

Questions? Reach out to Greg Kerber, assistant dean for student services.  

Undergraduate Scholarships

These scholarships are all available to media studies majors. Read the descriptions carefully and reach out to Greg Kerber, assistant dean for student services, if you have any questions. 

Lucien Arant Memorial Endowment Fund
This fund was established in 1979 by the estate of Mamie C. Arant in memory of Lucien P. Arant, a longtime publisher of Oregon and Idaho newspapers and president of the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association. The scholarship is for UO students, with a preference for students studying journalism.

Criteria: Preference is given to journalism students, although it is not required.

Kirsten Bolin Scholarship
Kirsten Bolin ’86 worked as an account executive with a Portland public relations firm until her death in 1991. Her parents established this scholarship in her memory.

Criteria: The scholarship is awarded to a female student majoring in journalism and communication.

Robert Branch Scholarship 
Each scholarship will constitute a one-year period of support. Applicants’ financial need, community involvement and service, academic achievement, and exceptional circumstances such as hobbies, noneducational achievements, travel, and work experience will be considered.

Criteria: The donor's preference is given to new students, particularly those in the black community.

The Columbia Scholarship
These scholarships provide annual funding for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a degree in journalism and communication. They will be used to attract the most talented and academically strongest students to the SOJC.

Criteria: Determined by the dean of the SOJC in consultation with the faculty.

Ann Curry Endowed Scholarship
Since Emmy Award–winning journalist Ann Curry graduated from the SOJC in 1978, she has continued to make an undeniable mark on the world of broadcast journalism. As a humanitarian reporter, she has won various awards for her work. She established the Ann Curry Scholarship Endowment in 2002 to provide scholarships for SOJC students.

Criteria: Preference is given to a student(s) with demonstrated financial need and a passion for traditional and emergent forms of journalism.

John Edward Egan II Memorial Scholarship
John and Marybeth Egan established this scholarship in 1998 in honor of John Edward Egan II, their son, who passed away in 1996. John Edward Egan II was an SOJC student who aspired to be a screenwriter and graduated with a degree in telecommunications and film. Students will be eligible to receive the scholarship annually for a total of up to four years, provided they continue to meet the minimum criteria noted below.

Criteria: Applicants must demonstrate a financial need as well as academic proficiency, with a GPA of 3.0 or greater.

Hall of Achievement Scholarship
The SOJC’s Hall of Achievement Fund was established in 1998 to celebrate the history of the school and honor the accomplishments of its graduates. The Hall of Achievement Scholarship Fund provides financial support to SOJC students.

Holmes-Sept Scholarship
Richard and Beverly Sept are alumni of the SOJC and longtime supporters of their alma mater. This fund provides scholarships for students in financial need (using the university's criteria for determining financial need).

Criteria: Students who meet the UO’s criteria for financial need are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Anne Marie Levis Scholarship
This scholarship provides support for underserved students with demonstrated financial need to attend the SOJC.

Criteria: Preference is given to women of color.

The Ronnie Owens Moss Memorial Scholarship
Sam Moss created the Ronnie Owens Moss Memorial Scholarship in honor of his late wife, SOJC alum Ronnie Moss, to provide an annual scholarship to an SOJC student.

Criteria: Preference will be given to students with financial need. This scholarship is not restricted by gender, but special consideration will be given to women.

The Mary Sakakibara Poss Scholarship
SOJC alum Mary Sakakibara ’86 established the Mary Sakakibara Poss Scholarship to provide support for SOJC students.

Robert W. Sawyer Scholarship
The Robert W. Sawyer Memorial Scholarship was established to provide support for SOJC students.

Earl “Kurtis” Sharar Memorial Scholarship
Janice Sharar established the Earl “Kurtis" Sharar Memorial Fund in honor of her late husband, SOJC alum Earl “Kurtis” Sharar ’65, to provide annual scholarship support to SOJC student(s). The award may be used to assist the student(s) with expenses related to attending the university, including but not limited to tuition, room and board, fees, and course materials. The scholarship is renewable each academic year with satisfactory academic progress.

Criteria: Preference is given to an undergraduate student majoring in journalism. Preference is also given to students with demonstrated financial need, as determined by the university.

Shaw Family Scholarship
These scholarships support upcoming professionals in the SOJC who can bring a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to the communication industry, as this strategic sector needs more people to represent and interpret the complex world in which we live. The scholarships may be used for all standard educational expenses, including tuition, fees, books, miscellaneous supplies, room, and board.

Criteria: The donors have a strong interest in providing financial assistance to students from diverse backgrounds. Given this interest, the donors recognize that the scholarship will help support the university’s and the SOJC’s commitment to a diverse student population that includes individuals of varying ages, genders, races, national origins, and talents, as well as those from underrepresented population and/or economically disadvantaged backgrounds. This scholarship is not restricted by age, gender, race, national origin or ethnicity, and each applicant shall be evaluated as an individual and not in a way that makes an applicant’s gender, race, national origin, ethnicity, or family background the defining feature of his or her application.

Beulah F. Stephens Scholarship
Beulah Stephens was a successful journalist at several newspapers. She created this annual scholarship for an undergraduate student or students in the SOJC. A recipient may be awarded the scholarship for more than one year.

Criteria: The dean selects each scholarship recipient based on academic achievement and financial need, as determined by the university.

Duke Wieden Scholarship
SOJC alum Dan Wieden ’67 established the Duke Wieden Scholarship in memory of his father, the late Duke Wieden, to provide scholarships to a student in any SOJC major who is interested in creative work.

Criteria: Preference is given to a Caldera student, but it’s not required.

Jack and Marci Williams Scholarship
The Jack and Marci Williams Scholarship was established in 2008 by Jack and Marci Williams to provide scholarships for undergraduate or graduate students in the SOJC. The scholarships may be used for all educational expenses, including tuition, fees, books, miscellaneous supplies, room and board.

Criteria: Undergraduate and/or graduate students majoring in journalism and communications are eligible for this award. Preference is given to students who have benefited from adoption or foster family care services.

The Richard and Mary Williams Scholarship
The Richard and Mary Williams Scholarship benefits the SOJC at the discretion of the dean.