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Wonder what it’s like to learn and work at the SOJC? Flip through our publications for a window into our academic and experiential learning programs, student success stories, and faculty research.

SOJC Yearbook

Despite the obstacles 2020 threw their way, our students, faculty, and alumni never stopped telling impactful stories, sharing critical research, and practicing ethical journalism and strategic communication. The 2020 SOJC Yearbook offers a glimpse into the resilience, creative problem-solving, and virtual collaboration skills our community built throughout a historic year. Check out the digital report to watch videos, read stories, and view gorgeous photos celebrating the year’s accomplishments.

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SOJC Undergraduate Activity Journal

Flip through this activity-filled notebook for an interactive glimpse into our undergraduate academic programs and hands-on learning opportunities.

SOJC Grad Viewbook

Our brochure for prospective graduate students highlights our graduate academic programs, hands-on learning opportunities, and alumni testimonials.