Professor of Culture and Economy
Loughborough University
United Kingdom

“Digital Materialities: Economies, Technologies, Ecologies”
FRIDAY, APRIL 15 • 4:00p

Graham Murdock’s research is grounded in a distinctive approach to critical inquiry which combines insights and methods from across the social sciences and humanities to explore questions around change, power, inequality, risk, and representation. It has three main strands. The first, examines the role of communications in the constitution of modernity. The second approaches the relations between culture, communications, power and inequality through a distinctive critical political economy which combines: research on how corporate interests structure the underlying dynamics and practices of mediated communication; work on public cultural institutions as guarantors of the cultural rights of citizenship; and  explorations of patterns of everyday exclusion from and engagement with core communications resources. The final strand, which embraces studies of political demonstrations, riots, ‘terrorism’, and biotechnologies, focuses on the organisation of public definitions and responses to perceived threats and risks. He is coauthor and/or coeditor of: Money Talks: Media, Markets, Crisis with Jostein Gripsrud (Intellect Books, 2015); The Handbook of Political Economy of Communications with Janet Wasko and Helena Sousa (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011); Digital Dynamics: Engagement and Disconnections with Peter Golding (Hampton Press, 2010); and Digital Citizenship: Participation and Exclusion in the e-Society with Ruth Lister (Policy Press, 2008).