Professor and Director
Institute for Media and Creative Industries
Loughborough University London
London, England, United Kingdom

“Anthropocentrism versus Ecocentrism”
FRIDAY, APRIL 7 • 8:45-10:00a

Toby Miller’s background encompasses television, new media, sport, culture, cultural politics, and film theory. Prior to pursuing academics, he worked in broadcasting, banking, and civil service. Miller is a prolific writer and has authored and edited over 30 books. He has also published essays in more than 100 journals and edited collections.

Miller’s latest book, Global Media Studies (coauthored with Marwan M. Kraidy, Polity/Wiley, 2016) has already received international praise and is set to become an essential resource for students of global media and communication-related programmes. With Richard Maxwell, he is coauthor of “Greening Media Studies” (Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies, 2015), Greening The Media (Oxford Univ. Press, 2012), and a monthly column for Psychology Today (including “Greenwashing the Earth,” 2015 and “The Waste of Art and the Art of Waste,” 2013). Miller is also author of “Unsustainable Journalism” (Digital Journalism, Taylor & Francis, 2015), “Is This Paper Green?” (Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research, 2015), and “Museums, Ecology, Citizenship” (Wiley, 2015).

He is also Professor Emeritus of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of California, Riverside. Miller is currently a Visiting Professor for the Department of Social Communication at Universidad del Norte in Colombia. He has taught at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies in India, as well as the University of Iowa, the Center for Critical and Cultural Studies at the University of Queensland, the Alberta Global Forum in Canada and the Centre for Cultural Research in Australia. Miller has also been recently elected President of the Cultural Studies Association (2019-2021).