Associate Professor
Environmental Studies Department
Gettysburg College

“From Eco to D-eco: Indigenous Fictional Film Mediates Life’s ‘Wicked Problems’”
FRIDAY, APRIL 7 • 11:45a-1:00p

Salma Monani’s research and teaching focuses on the environmental humanities (film, literature, history, and communication), exploring the interconnections between culture and nature. She is interested in how various cultural media such as literature, film, photographs, and other communicative modes shape (and are shaped by) environmental issues.

Monani is co-editor of Ecocriticism and Indigenous Studies: Conversations from Earth to Cosmos (Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature, 2017) with Joni Adamson. She is also coeditor of Ecomedia: Key Issues (Routledge Environment and Sustainability Series, 2015) and Ecocinema Theory and Practice (Routledge AFI Film Readers, 2012) with Stephen Rust and Sean Cubitt.

Her areas of interest include ecocritical theory and criticism, film and non-print media (in particular, indigenous, environmental, and documentary film), food (in particular, local movement initiatives), and science in popular media. Monani’s interdisciplinary research is driven by a desire both to recognize the complexity inherent in any environmental issue and to re-think, as holistically as possible, how we humans might work our way around some of our current environmental dilemmas.

“Teaching is like tending to a forest.”