Professor of Communication Studies
Media Education Lab
Harrington School of Communication and Media
University of Rhode Island

Media Literacies for a Living World Roundtable
SATURDAY, APRIL 8 • 9:00-11:15a

Renee Hobbs is an internationally-recognized authority on media literacy education. Through community and global service and as a researcher, teacher, advocate and media professional, Hobbs has worked to advance the quality of digital and media literacy education in the United States and around the world. She is the Founder and Director of the Media Education Lab, whose mission is to improve the quality of media literacy education through research and community service. Hobbs has written four books and published over 150 articles in scholarly and professional journals. She is author of author of Exploring the Roots of Digital and Media Literacy Through Personal Narrative (Temple Univ. Press, 2016). Hobbs is the founding co-editor of the Journal of Media Literacy Education, an open-access peer reviewed journal. She has developed and validated measures of media literacy competencies for adolescents and published a book with co-author David Cooper Moore, Discovering Media Literacy: Digital Media and Popular Culture in Elementary School (SAGE/Corwin Press, 2013) which chronicles their three-year effort to develop children’s media literacy through informal and formal learning in a Philadelphia charter school. Hobbs also coauthored with Hans Martens, “How Media Literacy Supports Civic Engagement in a Digital Age” (Atlantic Journal of Communication, 2015).