Associate Professor
Media Studies Program
Director, Journalism Masters Program
, Center for Latino/a & Latin American Studies
University of Oregon

“The Bone is the Message: Life, DNA, and Media”
SATURDAY, APRIL 8 • 1:00-2:30p

Gabriela Martínez’s research focuses on the study of media ownership, culture, transnationalism, and globalization. Her research interests include the global circulation of technologies and cultural products, and economic, social, cultural, and political impact in Latin America. Martínez also studies the relationship of human rights and social movements, political economy and collective memory, as well as content production and distribution.

She is author of “Independent Filmmaking in the Peruvian Context” (Univ. of Toronto Press, 2015) and Latin American Telecommunications: Telefonica’s Conquest (Lexington Books, 2008). Martínez is also an international award-winning documentary filmmaker, who has produced, directed, or edited more than a dozen ethnographic and social documentaries. She is director of Tengan Puestos los Ojos sobre Guatemala (Archivo Historico de la Policia Nacional de Guatemala, 2014),  Agents of Change (UO CSWS, 2013), and Media, Women, and Rebellion in Oaxaca (2008).

She cofounded the interdisciplinary Latino Roots Project, bridging anthropology and journalism by integrating research and creative work through a faculty/student- and grassroots-led historical digital repository. Martínez is also founding executive board member of the Cinema Studies Program and the Center for Latino(a)/Latin American Studies. She was selected as a 2014-15 Wayne Morse Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics Resident Scholar.