Assistant Professor in Journalism
Media Partnership Coordinator
Engaging Media, Founder and President
University of Oregon

Media Literacies for a Living World Roundtable
SATURDAY, APRIL 8 • 9:00-11:15a

Ed Madison’s research interests include digital media and social change, media innovation, multimedia journalism, digital storytelling and publishing, mobile and participatory media, and media entrepreneurship. He employs both quantitative and qualitative research methods to study scholastic journalism, educational reform, new technologies, and politics. Much of his work is framed by theories of motivation and social learning, as well as discourse studies. Madison was the first professor at any university to create a digital magazine for the iPad.

He is author of “The Survival of Student Journalism: Exploring New Models for Sustainability” (Journalism Education, 2016), Newsworthy—Cultivating Critical Thinkers, Readers, and Writers in Language Arts Classrooms (Columbia Univ./Teachers College Press, 2015),  “Mobile Media Best Practices: Lessons From 5 Years of OR Magazine (Journalism and Mass Communication Educator, 2015), and Journalistic Learning: Rethinking and Redefining Language Arts Curricula (PhD Dissertation, Univ. of Oregon, 2012).

Madison was a founding producer for CNN. His own subsequent companies have provided services for most of the major networks and studios. He has contributed to the success of many top-rated series that helped to define the lifestyle television genre. Madison’s current company is Engaging Media, a Northwest based media production and marketing  consulting firm. He is also founder of Media Arts Institute, a nonprofit organization committed to inspiring and educating digital learners and future generations of media professionals. It established JAM (Journalism, Art + Media), an emerging network of after school programs.