Tim Gleason

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231 Allen Hall
(541) 346-3739
Twitter: tgleason
Media Law


BA, State University of New York, 1980
MA, University of Washington, 1983
Ph.D., University of Washington, 1986



Gleason was dean of the School of Journalism and Communication from 1997 to 2013. He then served as a special assistant to the provost. He is now teaching communication law, serving as the director of the Ancil Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism and coordinating the SOJC's 100th anniversary celebration in 2016. In addition, he is the University’s Faculty Athletics Representative. Gleason won the School’s Marshall Award for Innovative Teaching in 1990 and was honored as the Scripps Howard Journalism Administrator of the Year in 2013. He has published two books, several book chapters and articles in law and history journals. Before going to graduate school, he was a photographer and reporter working in print media.


The theory, history and practice of freedom of the press are the focal points of Gleason’s research interests. His current research examines two related areas:
(1) the legal definition of “journalist;” and
(2) public meeting and public records law.
Other interests of Gleason’s include the relationship of ethical standards in journalism to legal protections for journalists.