Peter Laufer

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James Wallace Chair in Journalism
203 Allen Hall
(541) 346-2109
Information Gathering & Reporting, Narrative Journalism


Peter Laufer is an award-winning author, broadcaster, documentarian and journalist. He has studied and taught throughout the world -- Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. He sent home reports on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the wars in Central America for NBC Radio, reported for CBS Radio as the Berlin Wall fell, and chased butterflies in Nicaragua for his book The Dangerous World of Butterflies. An accomplished author of over a dozen well-reviewed books, Laufer writes on borders, migration and identity along with animal rights. He also reported, wrote and produced several documentaries while an NBC News correspondent, ranging in topics from the crises facing Vietnam War veterans to illiteracy and hunger in America, and a study of Americans incarcerated overseas for which he won the George Polk Award. 

“We are in the midst of one of the most exciting periods in journalism history.  Today's journalism students and journalists enjoy the opportunity and responsibility to redefine our profession regarding news delivery and financial revenue. What a grand creative challenge and adventure!” says Laufer.