Multimedia Journalism

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Our master’s degree in Multimedia Journalism blends the best of journalism’s past with the promise of its future.  In today’s fluid media landscape, successful journalists must be able to report and tell compelling stories across multiple platforms while employing the ethics and integrity that have distinguished the industry.  Whether the medium is text, audio, photo or video, story development, reporting and craft form the foundation.

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Join us as we re-imagine, re-invent and honor journalism that matters.

Our program is not just about tools.  It’s about understanding the implications of an entirely new toolbox. And it’s not just about learning. It’s about doing. Students will work with both veteran and up-and-coming journalists as well as award-winning faculty to produce professional-quality projects.  They will learn how to navigate the terrain of an evolving industry where versatility, entrepreneurship and business savvy are as important as interviewing skills. They will have the opportunity to work within the state’s story-rich media capital at the School of Journalism and Communication’s George S. Turnbull Center in Portland.