Academic IT

SOJC Academic IT is concerned with resourcing SOJC faculty (and their students) with the tools and workspaces needed for instruction. We help SOJC students, faculty and staff to get the most out of our library of tools and related services through consultation and training. We oversee the on-going maintenance and support of SOJC digital commons, studios, equipment checkout, classrooms and collaborative spaces.


Academic IT ManagerMatt Schmidt, (541) 346-2170

The Academic IT Manager oversees the instructional and academic technology services for the SOJC. Broadly this includes SOJC course support including the learning management system, video conferencing, distance/online learning, instructional facilities and equipment for academic technologies, and student groups. The Academic IT Manager is responsible for managing (planning, resourcing, execution and closing) technology projects that are undertaken by SOJC IT. The Academic IT Manager also serves as the technology purchaser (computer hardware, software and peripherals, classroom AV technology and production and photographic equipment) for the SOJC.

Digital Equipment ConsultantTom Lundberg, (541) 346-3142

The Digital Equipment Consultant oversees the inventory, maintenance, storage, documentation and dispersal (averaging 2,000 transactions per term) of the J-school’s extensive library of production equipment to student patrons and faculty. Consults with faculty helping them integrate production equipment into their courses. Trains faculty, students and student employees in the proper use and care of high-end production equipment.

Digital Publishing & Production ConsultantMary Popish, (541) 346-3714

Production: The Digital Publishing and Production Consultant consults with faculty to help them integrate SOJC Studio facilities and related services into their courses. Additionally, the Digital Publishing and Production Consultant trains faculty, students and student employees in the proper use and care of production facilities and related equipment. The position assists faculty and student groups in planning, staffing and production of student productions and SOJC special projects in SOJC Studios. Publishing: The position also consults with faculty on the various publication methods for their course materials and assists faculty, publishing work onto the current UO Learning Management System, course-related webpages and video hosting, video streaming and live broadcast methods.

Operational IT

SOJC IT Operations (ITOps) is responsible for (nearly) all computing within the SOJC, from the computer(s) on the desk of Faculty/Staff offices, to the lab computers in the Digital Commons, to the servers that the SOJC uses day to day to accomplish such amazing and innovative work. We serve, through the Tech Desk in Allen 319, as the primary support contact for the SOJC Faculty/Staff/Students (our customers) for all computing related issues, and will assist, as needed, in escalating issues to Central Information Services (McKenzie 151). While we cannot support computers owned by the customer, we are more than happy to assist with finding the appropriate person(s)/company(s) to contact.


IT Operations ManagerRyan Stasel, (541) 346-0641

The SOJC IT Operations Manager is responsible for the management of the SOJC ITOps group. This not only means the day to day running of the ITOps group, but also the longer term planning and implementation of service changes (including computing lab upgrades, server upgrades, Office computer upgrades, etc), updates, budgeting, and managing ITOps projects.

The ITOps Manager is also responsible for the continual process of ITSM implementation and continual improvement to the processes that have already been implemented.

The ITOps Manager also serves as the end of the support chain for SOJC related ITOps Incidents (Something is broken…) and Requests (I need…).

Web AdministratorLouie Vidmar, (541) 346-0338

The SOJC Web Admin’s primary responsibility is developing and maintaining all technical aspects of the school’s online presence and serve as the subject matter expert for all SOJC web technologies. The Web Admin works within the SOJC IT Operations team, performing project management, programming, database administration, and other tasks required for the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the SOJC web presence.

The SOJC Web Admin also serves as the primary Systems Admin for Requests and Incidents relating to SOJC File servers, and local support for Central Information Services hosted Microsoft Exchange.

User Support SpecialistCameron Shultz, (541) 346-2514

The User Support Specialist provides first- and second-tier direct technical support and technology recommendations to the SOJC community that enhance technology for academic, research and administrative computing. This position works closely with a team of services staff, full-time and student employees, and other IT professionals.

This position coordinates the day-to-day operations of the Tech Desk within the SOJC Operational IT group. This includes assisting customers in solving a broad range of software and hardware computer problems, lab and classroom tier 1 AV issues, training student employees, and contributing to the evaluation and management of services provided to the campus community.


Director of Information Technology

Gary Sullivan

The Director of Information Technology is responsible for the service and project portfolio management across IT working with School leadership ensuring alignment with strategic priorities. Responsible for Strategic Planning within the School and participates in strategic initiatives across IT at the University. Furthermore, this role partners with the Faculty Technology Committee chair in developing technology governance for technology purchases, policies and projects but also works to evaluate new technology that potentially advances teaching and research. Finally, this role is responsible for the structure and financial management of the technology budget.