Technology Service Catalog

Desktop Computer Support

Provide technical help and user support for SOJC computers, laptops, printers, and electronic devices.

Digital Asset Library

Work with the SOJC Communications Office to provide technical support for the SOJC Communications Office’s Digital Asset Library.

Software Support

Provide technical troubleshooting for SOJC-supported software, including Final Cut Pro, programs in the Adobe creative suite, and Microsoft Office programs.

Data Backup

Configure and maintain SOJC-owned faculty and staff desktop, laptop, and server backups of SOJC documents and data.

SOJC configured CrashPlan backs up your entire user directory.

Digital Commons Support

Support for lab computers, projectors, presentation systems, and instructor workstations in Digital Commons workspaces. Maintain the collection of specific SOJC curricular software.  Work closely with CMET to offer current upgrades and maintenance for digital commons AV technology.

Classroom Technology Support

Work with CMET to coordinate SOJC classroom technology needs. We provide support for any classroom issues, including projectors, speakers, microphones, and other AV technology in Allen Hall classrooms.

Phone Interview and Voice Over Recording Services

Maintain a facility where SOJC students and faculty can produce and record phone interviews and voice-over narration for SOJC projects.

Podcasting and Interview Recording Services

Maintain a facility where SOJC students and faculty can produce and record podcasts and in-person interviews for SOJC projects.

Media Production Studio Services

Maintain a facility where SOJC students and faculty can work on studio photography, live television production, studio interviews, and green screen video production.

Course Consultations and Equipment Allocation

Coordinate the planning and distribution of SOJC production equipment and facilities with SOJC instructors who utilize media production in their courses. Assess and plan training and guides for SOJC media courses.

Canvas Support

Work with CMET to coordinate services and provide help and user support for Canvas the University’s learning management system), including course building, video embedding, class material distribution, and grading.

Production Equipment Support

Train SOJC students and faculty in the proper use of production equipment and facilities. Work with SOJC instructors to assess and plan training and guides for SOJC media courses.

Specialized Technology Consultation

Meet with faculty to assess new or unique technology or equipment needs for the upcoming academic year.

Lecture Capture

Work with CMET to coordinate SOJC lecture capture and distribution needs.

Academic Technology Demonstrations

Provide orientation on all SOJC technology spaces, including the Digital Commons and the production studios, and coordinate in-class hardware technology training, including production equipment and classroom technology.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Provide equipment and support for conference phones, desktop video conferencing (Skype), and large-classroom video conferencing.

Event Technology Support

Work with CMET or the EMU to coordinate technical event needs. Reserve projection equipment, A/V equipment, technology accessories or recording equipment for SOJC projects and special events.

File Share

Provide secure reliable network file storage for SOJC faculty and staff as well as easily accessible file storage for SOJC classes and associated student organizations.


Work with Central IS to represent SOJC communication needs. We provide help and support for faculty and staff email account issues.

Voice and data

Please contact Faculty services for voice and data needs.


Work with Central IS to coordinate SOJC wireless needs, including reporting outages, setting up guest access to UO wireless, and troubleshooting connection problems.


Support for SOJC managed and local printers, including help setting up printing from laptops and the Digital Commons as well as information about color and oversized print jobs.

Live Broadcasting

Provide supervision, technical support and training for live television production in the production studio in Allen 110/120.

YouTube and Vimeo

Offer information and support for posting videos, embedding videos in blogs, and turning in assignments using YouTube or Vimeo.

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Posting Student Work on SOJC Websites

Provide information and support for distributing student work on SOJC websites, including blogs for classes, student groups, and department student work showcases.

Media Duplication

Work with CMET to coordinate SOJC media duplication needs.

Development, design, and support for SOJC websites for courses, student groups, internships and events. Support for web applications; including content management, surveys, and web analytics.

Website Development

Configure, develop, and implement SOJC web sites and forms; ensuring branding and style continuity for the SOJC and the University.

Website User Support

Provide site troubleshooting support, maintenance, and site analytics for SOJC related websites.

Web Design Consultation

Help assess needs, and review a suite of options and determine web services that will help you achieve your goals.

UO Blogs Support

Provide support for course and program “blogs”. Tech Desk and Web Admin can provide basic support and troubleshooting for student and staff blogs.

Online Surveys

Consultations in creating, and analyzing surveys using Qualtrics

Domain Name Registration

Consultation and registration of UO subdomains (and TLD domains if necessary—pending approval and funding).

Tech Service Desk

Location: Allen 319

Phone: (541) 346-3715

Fall/Winter/Spring Term Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 8am-7pm
Fri: 8am-6pm
Sun: 1pm-5pm

Summer Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm

Equipment Checkout

Location: Allen 113

Fall/Winter/Spring Term Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9am-1pm, 2-6pm (CLOSED 1-2pm daily)

Summer Term Hours:
Mon-Fri: 10am-2pm

Note: Equipment Checkout and Studios are closed during intersession

Reserve Online: Equipment Checkout